Production Videos

  • Lode Runner - Space Invaders Custom Level
    Another retro-gaming Lode Runner custom level by yours truly. This time in the style of the classic arcade game that pretty much started the modern video game craze - Space Invaders. There's an additional custom animated sequence at the end. :-)
  • Lode Runner - Decepticon Custom Level (11 comments)
    Transformers and Lode Runner were two popular forms of entertainment born in the 80's. One was a half-hour cartoon, the other, an addicting 8-bit video game. This is the two of them blended together - Decepticon version.
  • Lode Runner - Custom Autobot Level
    Transformers and Lode Runner were two popular forms of entertainment born in the 80's. One was a half-hour cartoon, the other, an addicting 8-bit video game. This is the two of them blended together.
  • Bed Bug Stop Motion Animation (5 comments)
    A short stop motion animation of a bug puppet making a bed, originally created in 1998. Nine years later, this quickly done animation was given some sounds and pseudo-camera movements to jazz it up a little.
  • Liposuction Theater - Weed Killer Episode 2 (41 comments)
    Digital 8-bit geek "Weed" is back with an upgraded look, a cool new intro sequence, and some rather interesting material on his mind. Length: 02 minutes, 46 seconds.
  • Weed Killer Gone Wrong (29 comments)
    Told in a style reminiscent of Max Headroom, this is the true story of weed killing gone wrong. The wife brought home some weed killer. The husband used it. Something went wrong and now the husband and wife are at odds. Length: 02 minutes, 18 seconds.
  • On the Cutting Room Floor of Oblivion (52 comments)
    I hope you enjoy this trippy animated short music video to the 1986 pop-hit Everybody Have Fun Tonight by the popular 80's band Wang Chung. Length: 2 minutes, 31 seconds.
  • Star Wars - The Musical - Dark Darth Vader (Preview)
    A small Rebel ship is overtaken by an Imperial Star Destroyer. Princess Leia hides the stolen Death Star plans in an R2 droid. Darth Vader and Storm Troopers sing while they search for the stolen plans.
  • Just Turn Around (11 comments)
    I'm sure everyone has played a prank on a co-worker or perhaps been the victim of one. Here are a few moments in one poor worker's day as he falls victim to an ingenious little prank pulled by his supervisor. QuickTime 6 or higher is required to play this.
  • Star Wars - The Musical - Let's Blow This Thing! (15 comments)
    What if that epic battle against the Death Star had been staged as... a musical? Take a look at a twisted Star Wars universe, where the lines have been replaced by lyrics. Length: 04 minutes, 22 seconds.
  • Visual FX Demo 2000 (6 comments)
    Some of my early digital visual FX experiments: my first attempt with light saber FX, blaster/laser fire, an alive bodiless hand, "Evil Consumption" (AKA - Zoomie Mouth), electrical teleportation, and human amoebic-like reproduction. Length: 43 seconds.
  • Car-Diving - You Try, You Die! (17 comments)
    Ever tried skydiving? Like it? This is "car-diving", though I do NOT recommend trying this at all. This is just a very short, quick clip showing what car-diving is: a very dangerous and illegal extreme sport. Length: 40 seconds.
  • Star Wars - The Musical - The Control Room (20 comments)
    What if Star Wars the movie were Star Wars - The Musical? Take a journey in to a slightly twisted Star Wars universe where lines have been replaced with lyrics. See and hear Star Wars, as it's never been seen or heard before. Length: 02 minutes, 25 seconds.
  • Fun With Stop Motion Animation (24 comments)
    21 seconds of senseless stop motion animation, featuring "Floor Surfing" and "No Wheels, No Brakes". Length: 21 seconds.
  • Ear Cleaning - A Mind Blowing Experience (11 comments)
    Is it possible to clean one's ears without the cotton swab? Would it be dangerous? This short clip was shot in April 2001. Several months later, I smoothed out the choppy motion a bit, added titles and an interesting intro FX sequence. Length: 36 seconds.

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