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TRON employed some groundbreaking visual effects back in 1982. My eyes damn nearly popped out of my head when I first saw that film - it was that amazing at the time (granted, I was already quite a nerd and intrigued by computers). I'm hopeful that TR2N will follow in that regard, with amazing visuals that have not yet been realized on the big screen. continue

In early 2000 I made this simple animated GIF of me wizzing along on a speeder bike through the forest moon of Endor. Well, not through the forest moon, just through the forest, on the forest moon of Endor. You get the idea. continue

In the early 80's, there were few electronic toys cooler than the remote controlled wonder known as the Omnibot. More than 20 years ago, the Omnibot reigned supreme robotic tech-toy and was on every nerdy kid's Christmas list. continue

The image is displayed on a 20" TV screen with my vintage Atari 2600 hooked up to it. Take a close look at that image. Look at those beautiful little red, green, and blue rectangles working together to bring the illusion of colorful objects when viewed at a normal distance. continue

Mr. Tissue Box feared for the safety of the Mighty Twistie-Tie Man. The madness of attempting such a stunt without any protection seemed too much to bear for our tissue dispensing cardboard friend. He tried to scream, but Michael Jackson took the sound before he made it. continue

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