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Visit the official Star Wars - The Musical websiteA long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

What if Star Wars the movie were Star Wars - The Musical? Take a journey in to a slightly twisted Star Wars universe where lines have been replaced with lyrics. See Star Wars, as it’s never been seen or heard before.

To hear more Star Wars - The Musical, you can download MP3s of the entire musical production at the official Star Wars - The Musical site - very well done and worth checking out!

These videos were produced with admiration and respect for George Lucas and the talented people at Lucasfilm Ltd. Each video consists of re-edited Star Wars film footage and the musical numbers from the Star Wars - The Musical web site. Enjoy, and may the Force be with you!

  • Star Wars - The Musical - Dark Darth Vader (Preview)
    A small Rebel ship is overtaken by an Imperial Star Destroyer. Princess Leia hides the stolen Death Star plans in an R2 droid. Darth Vader and Storm Troopers sing while they search for the stolen plans.
  • Star Wars - The Musical - Let's Blow This Thing! (15 comments)
    What if that epic battle against the Death Star had been staged as... a musical? Take a look at a twisted Star Wars universe, where the lines have been replaced by lyrics. Length: 04 minutes, 22 seconds.
  • Star Wars - The Musical - The Control Room (20 comments)
    What if Star Wars the movie were Star Wars - The Musical? Take a journey in to a slightly twisted Star Wars universe where lines have been replaced with lyrics. See and hear Star Wars, as it's never been seen or heard before. Length: 02 minutes, 25 seconds.

What Force Made Me Do This?
A long time ago on a web server far, far away... I came across the official "Star Wars – The Musical" web site. After listening to the very well done MP3s I couldn't help but want to SEE Star Wars – The Musical. I got visuals in my mind of how it might appear as an actual theatrical production... then I got the idea of wrapping Star Wars movie footage around the musical selections and making it appear as if the actors were singing instead of talking. Some SW fans may disapprove of my using actual Star Wars footage for something like this, but it's all in good humor. I don't believe any copyright laws have been broken in doing this. It's certainly not damaging to Lucasfilm Ltd, and I'm not profiting from it. It's gotten mixed reviews from people who have seen it, mostly positive though. The creators of the musical numbers got a kick out of the videos – they were the first people I notified when I started working on them. It felt odd re-editing footage from my favorite movie but the videos were fun projects. Reworking and re-editing movie scenes that have already been cut to the way they appear in a film was no small task. I had to borrow footage from other areas of the scenes, slow some stuff down to drag it out and repeat footage at times. The lip-synching effect was the hardest part - using footage where the actors are not saying quite the same thing as what's being sung. I've been asked to make more videos for the Star Wars musical numbers, and perhaps I will in time. I also want to extend a special thanks to Mr. George Lucas and all of the talented people who brought the Star Wars movies in to our lives. I grew up on Star Wars and it has inspired so many creative things in my life. MTFBWY.

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