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Welcome to V3.0. It's not quite ready for prime time just yet, but I think it's safe to make it live now. I'll work out the rest of the kinks and other things I'm not happy with in the weeks to come. continue


I found a new web designer, but things kind of fell apart before they got off the ground. That was pretty much my own fault. I'm am grateful he kindly offered his services and hope that he's not too irritated with my lack of communication on the project. continue

In my previous entry, I did a little fishing for a good web designer/programmer. This website has been in major need of a complete overhaul for a long time now. Well, I got a byte at the line! continue

I wanted to take a moment and explain why there hasn't been many updates to lately. If you're one of a hand few of people who check back here from time to time in the hope of finding a... continue

Greetings folks!  It's WAY overdue, but I'm finally starting to bring in to the 21st century.  With any luck things will be all sorted out and fully functional again soon.  In the meantime, the rest of the site is... continue

QuickVids-->My last greeting-style QuickVid was titled "The End". It was in fact the end of greeting-style QuickVids, but probably not the end of QuickVidsall together. I already regret giving it that title. I have plenty of ideas for future QuickVids,... continue

-->-->I've enjoyed making the greeting videos that I called "QuickVids", but like I said in the final one, it's time for me to move on to other things. I may produce more QuickVids in the future, as in short, quickly... continue

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