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With anticipation building for the upcoming Transformers movie, it seemed appropriate to post this cool stop motion animation featuring some well known "robots in disguise", produced by Ruben Martinez. It's very well done and I got a kick out of... continue

I stumbled across this very cool Etch-A-Sketch animated music video by an artist known as The Etch A Sketch Man. His name is Christoph L. Brown and you can see his amazing work for yourself in this awesome music video... continue

I was browsing the web for a fun video to share since I haven't made any new ones myself lately. I decided upon a fart video this time. I still enjoy a good fart joke. Hell, I still enjoy a... continue

I came across this video brought to you by the good folks over at LoadingReadyRun.com. As the title suggests, it features games for the Wii that didn't quite make it through Nintendo's board of approval. It's clever and humorous. Check... continue

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