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"MySpace - a place for friends". That's how it officially reads on their logo. I think it should read "MySpace - a place for spyware", or perhaps just call it MySpyware or SpySpace. continue

When my new content shows up in Yahoo, it seems to stick. But in Google, it's there, then it's gone, then it's back again. When it returns to Google after blininking-out for a couple of days, it seems to stick. It may be another day or two before it settles in to its (relatively) final search rank in the results. continue

My recent Lode Runner tutorial was removed from Google's index three days after it's publication on my site. If you're not familiar with early 80's home computer gaming, that's the Lode Runner character in the slashed-G image. continue

Why was my TR2N write-up unceremoniously erased from the results of internet search engine giant Google? The rest of my site's content remained in Google's search index, but my latest, and most popular entry was removed. I didn't break any rules or violate any copyright laws in my TR2N write-up. So why the cold shoulder from Google? continue

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