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My second speed drawing created in MS Paint: Flynn Meets BIT. If you enjoyed the previous installment of a light cycle speed drawing, then this one should light your face up with a smile just a bit more. I chose the scene in TRON where Flynn meets BIT while while cruising around in his broken recognizer. continue

In 1982, the film TRON utilized never before seen, state-of-the-art 3D computer animation to create sensational sequences such as the memorable light cycle duel scene. In 2008, I utilized the no-so-state-of-the-art PC Paint to draw a yellow light cycle image. continue

Why was my TR2N write-up unceremoniously erased from the results of internet search engine giant Google? The rest of my site's content remained in Google's search index, but my latest, and most popular entry was removed. I didn't break any rules or violate any copyright laws in my TR2N write-up. So why the cold shoulder from Google? continue

TRON employed some groundbreaking visual effects back in 1982. My eyes damn nearly popped out of my head when I first saw that film - it was that amazing at the time (granted, I was already quite a nerd and intrigued by computers). I'm hopeful that TR2N will follow in that regard, with amazing visuals that have not yet been realized on the big screen. continue

Some of my early digital visual FX experiments: my first attempt with light saber FX, blaster/laser fire, an alive bodiless hand, "Evil Consumption" (AKA - Zoomie Mouth), electrical teleportation, and human amoebic-like reproduction. Length: 43 seconds. continue


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