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Most people have experienced trouble falling asleep at some point in their life. Many have considered using a sleeping agent like Sominex Sleeping Pills to help fall asleep. Do they work? How effective are they? Are they dangerous? Here are some of my personal findings. continue

Now what does one expect, right? These burgers cost $.99 each, plus tax. Most people don't expect to get good food from a fast food joint - especially not from the $.99 menu. continue

Over a period of time, our bathroom sink was draining slower and slower until it got to the point where it would barely drain at all. The drain blockage continued deeper in to the pipes behind the walls where I could not reach. Could Liquid-Plumr do the trick? continue

I had pretty good results with Red Energy Intense NRG Concentrate. Since most energy drinks contain many of the same ingredients, I should have an equally good experience with the better known 5-Hour Energy, right? continue

This was the first energy drink I have ever consumed, so I didn't have much to compare the experience with, but I can say I did enjoyed a good boost from my 2 oz. bottle of Red Energy Intense NRG Concentrate drink. It brought me out of the fatigued state I was feeling and allowed me to attack the yard work I had been putting off with energy to spare. continue


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