Use the arrow keys to move Q*Bert around.
Jump on squares to change them to the target color.
Stay on the playfield. Jumping off results in a fatal plummet.
Use the spinning discs to lure the snake to his death.


The latest version of Flash is required to play this game.

"Flash*Bert" is a Flash recreation of the 80's arcade smash Q*Bert programmed by artist and web developer Felix Turner. Check out his website airtightinteractive.com to see more of his cool and amazing work.

Although Flash*Bert is not a full recreation of Q*Bert, it does retain the look, sounds, and many of the game play elements of the original. I think you will find that it is fun and still quite addicting.

The original arcade Q*Bert was created by Warren Davis and Jeff Lee for Gottlieb. It was released in 1982.