Enjoy These Free Classic Arcade Games

  • Centipede

    Use the the mouse to move around and space bar to fire. Shoot anything that moves!

  • Frogger

    Use the arrow keys. Move frog vertically or horizontally using the arrow keys. Object is to safely maneuver the frog within the allotted time. Cross highway without getting run over and cross river without falling in. Avoid traffic, deadly snakes, otters, crocodiles, and the diving turtles.

  • Missile Command

    Use the the mouse to move the crosshairs and left-click to fire. Defend the cities - shoot all falling hazards.

  • Q*Bert

    (Flash*Bert) Use the arrow keys to move Q*Bert around. Jump on squares to change them to the target color. Use the spinning discs to lure the snake to his death.

  • Super Breakout

    Use the mouse to move the paddles back and forth. Try to eliminate all of the bricks.

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