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A Little Goomba as it looked back in 1985, and still today when displayed via the original NES console hooked up to an old tube-TV. It's like a beautiful miniature electronic stained glass work of art. Something that is slowly fading away as newer technology takes center stage and many people so quickly push aside the older, "obsolete" technologies. continue

"MySpace - a place for friends". That's how it officially reads on their logo. I think it should read "MySpace - a place for spyware", or perhaps just call it MySpyware or SpySpace. continue

There sat the lonely empty beer bottle. His beer had been consumed. What more was there for this little empty beer bottle to do? He was but a hollow version of his former self. No more fresh, delicious beer inside. continue

Why do people say "achoo" when they sneeze? Sometimes I do it, kind of as a gag, but otherwise I don't actually say "achoo" when I sneeze. I know "achoo" is described as the sound of a human sneeze, but why does one feel the need to actually say it during a sneeze-in-progress? continue

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