Sominex Sleeping Pills Review

Most people have experienced trouble falling asleep at some point in their life. Many have considered using a sleeping agent like Sominex Sleeping Pills to help fall asleep. Do they work? How effective are they? Are they dangerous? Here are some of my personal findings:

Pros: Original Formula Sominex Sleeping Pills do assist falling asleep by causing a feeling of drowsiness.

Cons: The drowsiness caused by the pills is kind of a drugged feeling. Even though they assist in physically feeling sleepy, they don't put to rest a stressed or active mind. Taking them regularly may result in some dependency on the product (to feel sleepy).

Effectiveness: The sleeping pills are fairly effective for me. About an hour or so after taking them, I usually start to feel drowsy. Although they generally work in helping me fall asleep, I've have spoken with people for whom the pills did not offer any benefit.

Side Effects: As I mentioned, it is kind of a drugged-feeling sleepiness I experience, though it is not bothersome or worrying. If you're new to taking these pills, you may still feel drowsy or drugged in the morning when it's time to get up.

Use again: Yes. I use them regularly.

Recommend: Yes.

General thoughts:

I've been taking Original Formula Sominex Sleeping Pills regularly for almost 20 years. I don't need them to fall asleep, but I do need help falling asleep at the desired hour on work nights. Without some kind of assistance, I tend to stay wide awake until pretty late because I'm a night-owl by nature.

If you're new to taking Sominex, be aware that the feeling of drowsiness may still be with you in the morning. The pills effect lasts about 7 to 8 hours, give or take, depending on your physiology. I still felt drowsy in the morning when I first started taking them, but not so much now. My body is pretty used to the effects of the drug and I worked out an optimal time in the evening to take them.

Though I sometimes need to take two at a time, I generally only take one pill at in the evening, about an hour and a half before going to bed on work nights. I follow up my Sominex with a 5mg pill of Melatonin (a natural sleeping agent) about 20 minutes prior to bed time. The combination of both seem to work pretty well for me.

There are times when taking sleeping pills do not help me fall asleep. If I've got too many things on my mind or feeling stressed, I tend to suffer a sleepless night regardless.

For people who have difficulty sleeping because of an active mind (or over-active mind) and stress, Sominex Sleeping Pills may not offer much help in obtaining a good night's sleep. People suffering from chronic insomnia should seek medical treatment from a doctor rather than experimenting with off the shelf sleeping agents.

One should observe caution when taking any drugs to assist in sleep. Taking too many pills can result in serious (permanent) damage and possibly death. Do not take more than 2 Sominex pills per night to fall asleep. It's always best to consult your doctor before taking over the counter drugs - especially if you're taking prescription medications.

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Thanks for your comments on Sominex. I ran out of my prescription sleep meds, didn't feel like bothering my physician, and decided to try something OTC. Nice to see I am not the only dude out there who has to fight against being a night-owl by nature. Anyway, you have a pretty damn cool website, and a keen writing style -- unusually correct grammatically, syntactically, etc. and refreshingly so.

You're definitely not the only guy out there who has trouble shutting down at bed time, Joe. It's an ongoing battle for me, but I usually do ok with it with a little help from my friends. :-)

Thanks for your kind words about my website. Glad you enjoyed your visit. Please stop by again - after you get a good night's sleep, that is. :-P he he

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