TRON Light Cycle Speed Drawing in Paint

In 1982, the film TRON utilized never before seen, state-of-the-art 3D computer animation to create sensational sequences such as the memorable light cycle duel scene. In 2008, I utilized the no-so-state-of-the-art MS Paint to draw a yellow light cycle image.

I dig the whole idea of creating a cool 3D rendered object like a light cycle in the limited Paint application because it's an example of high tech, futuristic (or once futuristic) imagery presented in a very low tech, old school way. Instead of a pixel perfect rendering of 3D primitives creatively assembled as a light cycle, you see big, sloppy, digital paint strokes quickly slapped together to form the image.

Rather than just display the final Paint image, I chose to show present the animated creation of it - paint stroke by paint stoke. Speed drawing is nothing new, but high speed drawings of TRON light cycles... being drawn in Paint... by me... presented in animated GIF form... on a Friday evening... while I'm wearing my brown and blue plaid pajama pants IS an absolutely new concept invented by yours truly just now. I'm sure everyone is going to rush out and buy some brown and blue plaid pajama pants to make their own high-speed animated drawings of TRON light cycles in Paint now. I'm such a trend setter, as you know.

TRON is my favorite film of all time. It completely blew me away when I saw it in the theater in 1982 when I was a kid. It may not look like much to today's younger audiences, but its presentation was mind-blowing to many of us back then. The whole 3D computer animation thing was very new. More accurately put, it had never been seen by most people - especially on the grand scale it was used in the film TRON. It was also the first film that really appealed to the gamer generation... the first and original gamer generation that I'm a proud member of.

I wonder if they'll be using PC Paint during the production of the much anticipated upcoming sequel "TR2N"? Hmmmm.

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