The Super Mario Brothers Question Block

The mysterious Super Mario Brothers Question Block is entry number 3 in the "Super Mario Brothers On a Real NES" series.

Unlike the previous TV screen images, I had to de-interlace this animation (blend the fields) to make the file size more reasonable. That is why it's not jiggling as it flashes against those cool looking red, green, and blue tube-TV display elements. It's also less likely to cause anyone to puke if they stare at it too long after binge drinking.

Click on this link if you'd like to see how this beautiful question block looks in all its flickering, interlacing, glory (file size 1.65MB). It's a thing of beauty and more true to the original NES imagery (give or take a few milliseconds on the GIF animation timing).

To learn more about why the interlaced question block appears to shake and wobble, click the following link to read more about real NES Graphics Processing displayed a tube-TV.

The question block turned out a lot better than the Mario image because I was able to display it larger (scanline for scanline) and I'm utilizing more advanced techniques to process this kind of imagery.

The image to the right is how most people see the Super Mario Brothers Question Block in their NES emulator of choice these days. It's pixel perfect, doesn't flicker (shake/wobble) at all, and is a decent graphic representation. But that's all it is - just a representation, not the real thing. To get the real deal, you have to capture how it is presented in its natural, intended form. That is the image you see up top (or more accurately, the interlaced version).

There are a zillion question block images of the all over the internet, but I have to say this is one of the coolest looking Super Mario Brothers Question Blocks I've seen yet. I don't say that because I captured and processed the image personally. It wasn't until completion that I realized how beautiful it turned out. I love the way old school tube-TV images look close up, so maybe that has a lot to do with it.

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