Super Mario on a Real NES

WARNING: Don't stare at this image if you have epilepsy or get headaches easily.

Entry number 2 in the "Super Mario Brothers On a Real NES" series. This time, we take a look at Super Mario himself.

Super Mario Brothers hit the home gaming scene in 1985 with the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System (or NES). More than two decades after its original release, the game is still enjoyed by millions of gamers regularly. Mario himself has become one of the most recognizable gaming icons ever.

Why is Mario shaking like that? He's not shivering because it's cold in Mario Land or anything, that's just how he looked on a real NES hooked up to a tube-TV. For anyone who's ever taken a close look at the character on a TV screen, the image above should bring back memories. If you'd like to know more about why Mario appears this way on an NES console, click the following link to read more about real NES Graphics Processing displayed a tube-TV.

Although many people still enjoy playing Super Mario Brothers on a real NES console, a growing number of people only play the game on an emulator. Some younger gamers have only ever experienced it that way. The image to the right shows how our heroic plumber Mario appears in an emulator. Pixel for pixel, that is exactly how he was designed for the original NES game, however that is not how he actually appeared on the TV screen (see image at top).

Emulators are great and I play many of my old favorites that way today, but there's really nothing like playing the game on the original hardware. The graphics aren't pixel-perfect and there's no convenient save state to help out along the way, but I still enjoy playing Super Mario Brothers on a real NES far more than on an emulator. It's a whole different experience and far more rich in my opinion.

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