Flynn Meets BIT Speed Drawing in Paint


My second speed drawing created in MS Paint: Flynn Meets BIT. If you enjoyed the previous installment of a light cycle speed drawing, then this one should light your face up with a smile just a bit more. I chose the scene in TRON where Flynn meets BIT while while cruising around in his broken recognizer.

Finer detail was put into this image than in the last. Rather than just using big, sloppy paint strokes, I also employed line tool and smaller brush sizes. There is still plenty of sloppy in there as well. You can see several touch-ups and re-touch-ups taking place during the process if you watch carefully. The end result is a pretty sweet looking image created in Paint. It's not perfect or entirely accurate, but that wasn't the point of this exercise.

My free-hand drawing talent isn't as impressive as it might first appear. While drawing in Paint, I was looking at a still of this scene from the film. I'm not even close to being able to do this level or work from my own mental image or by memory. The art in this isn't about my raw ability to draw (or lack there of), it's about seeing the scene slowly being created with such a limited and yet still quite useful image creation application such as Paint.

Although this is a speed drawing, I actually spent several hours working on it spread out over few days. It was made in stages. Many mistakes (re-drawn things) were edited out of the final GIF animation. Even greatly sped up, showing the entire process with all it's re-draws would have lengthened the animation by several minutes.

I was tempted to publish this with the MS Paint application window itself visible during the process, but I settled on just the image portion (which was drawn at the resolution you see it at here). The Paint-window-showing version is physically larger (more pixels) but I might reduce the size a bit and publish it at a later time. One of the things I really like about that particular version is the ability to see me switching between tools at warp-speed.

Here's a link to the completed image (a non-animated GIF) should you want to simply enjoy the end result of TRON coolness made in Paint - completely generated without using feature-packed, professional-grade image editing applications. My website URL at the bottom was added post-Paint in another photo editing app., but the rest is ALL Paint-made pixel goodness.

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How do you make it look so easy, Todd? :)

Really great work. The whole idea of using an old-school paint program to draw an old-school movie, just seems so right somehow.

It's all in the wrists!

Thanks, TronFAQ - glad you liked. :-D

Making it look "easy" is the great illusion of sped-up footage and several edited out re-do's. Much of it is sped up by a factor of 10X. Some of it by as much as 20X.

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