Lonely Empty Beer Bottle

There sat the lonely empty beer bottle. His beer had been consumed. What more was there for this little empty beer bottle to do? He was but a hollow version of his former self. No more fresh, delicious beer inside.

Would he be recycled? If so, he might be filled with more fresh, delicious beer. He remembers the old days - spending time with 11 other bottles of fresh, delicious beer in a cardboard box. They used to love singing 99 Bottles of Beer together. That song is a favorite among the beer bottle community from what I gather.

What if instead our translucent little friend was destined to be melted down and remoulded in to an ashtray or decorative window trinket? Then there would be no fresh, delicious beer to look forward to. A new life without beer just wouldn't be the same.

Such is the life of the lonely empty beer bottle. One day full of fresh, delicious beer. The next, melted down and remolded into something new, perhaps a glass eye, seeing the world in a whole different light.

If there were a moral to this story, I think it would be to simply enjoy some fresh, delicious beer before it's all gone.

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