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In early 2000 I made this simple animated GIF of me wizzing along on a speeder bike through the forest moon of Endor. Well, not through the forest moon, just through the forest, on the forest moon of Endor. You get the idea.

This quickly thrown together animation isn't quite an example of my finer work, but it was a fun creative exercise at the time. I added my dot-com tag just before publishing it here. My website domain didn't exist at the time it was originally made.

Just before the release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 1999, I learned of a local Star Wars fan club. It was made up of fellow Star Wars geeks with whom I shared similar interests. I attended gatherings with them on and off for a year or two. It was during this time that I felt inspired to play with Star Wars imagery and simple visual effects.

With the help of an old computer on loan, my Hi8 video camera, a low-end analog parallel port video capture device, Photoshop 4.0, a freeware AVI video frame compiler/decompiler, and a freeware animated GIF utility, I generated the simple animated GIF you see above.

The morning after hunting down the archive CD that contained the original source files for this, I was struck with a... or should that be "stricken" (?) with a rather strange short video idea. An old, random song was playing in my head and I found myself singing my own lyrics to it - about my speeder bike. The idea cracked me up as sang it repeatedly while getting ready for work yesterday. I just thought I'd include that little tidbit of information in the rare event that I actually followed through with producing it. This is where the idea was born.

I doubt I'm the only one to slap together a personal speeder bike GIF animation. If you made one too, point me to it. I'm brave enough to share my geeky stuff with the world. Are you? :-)

Show me you care and share, share SHARE!

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