Mr. Tissue Box and the Mighty Twisty-Tie Man

It was a day like any other. The sun was shining bright. Birds were chirping ever so cheerfully. The old folks at the local square dance were dosie-doing while dressed in cloths that most people would be too embarrassed to leave the house in. Yes, it was a day just like any other...

Until something almost interesting happened. The Mighty Twisty-Tie Man, craving action and excitement, climbed atop our old friend Mr. Tissue Box. No longer happy being the world's first and only Twisty-Tie man employed as a mere conversation piece for yours truly, he planned to jump. The Mighty Twisty-Tie Man would not have the comfort of a parachute or any type of cushioning to break his fall, yet he did not break a single bead of sweat... mainly because he had no sweat glands, but still.

Mr. Tissue Box feared for the safety of the Mighty Twistie-Tie Man. The madness of attempting such a stunt without any protection seemed too much to bear for our tissue dispensing cardboard friend. He tried to scream, but Michael Jackson took the sound before he made it.

And then, in the blink of an eye, the Mighty Twistie-Tie Man...

Ooo - look at the time. Sorry to leave you hangin' folks, but I've run out of time to tell you what happened on that day - that day that was like any other.

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James Cronin on July 2, 2008 6:01 PM

Don't do it, Mr Twisty-Tie Man! You've got so much to live... well, not live, but you've got so much to be a twisty-tie for!

I LOL'd (laugh out louded?) at the Thriller reference. :P

@James - Fear not, my friend. The Mighty Twisty-Tie Man is intact... yet sadly, he still lacks sweat glands. He's actually about 5 or 6 years old believe it or not.

The Thriller reference was my favorite part. I really wasn't sure if anyone would get that (aside from 80's nerds like me). The fact that you laugh out louded is awesome! :-D And thanks - now I'll never look at "LOL'd" the same way again! LOL

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