A TRON Sequel Coming and I'm Geeking Out!

Hell has frozen over. Dogs and cats are living together. The TRON-hating suits over at Disney must be out of their usual TRON-hating minds. A TRON sequel has been officially green-lighted. Not just talked about. Not just a possibility. Not just another potential screenplay in the works. This time, all sources seem to agree that it's a done deal, in production, and will be rezzing in at a theater near you in 2011.

"TR2N" is what they're calling it for now, or more accurately put: how they're spelling it. It seems in line with today's ever-so-clever film naming tradition. It works for me. How do you pronounce that now? Tra-TOO-nnn? :-P

There's been rumor of a TRON sequel and/or remake for years now, but this time there seems to be a lot more merit to it. Proof-of-concept footage for "TR2N" was shown at the recent Comic-Con in San Diego. This wasn't footage of the actual film-in-progress, mind you, just a TRON-based action short from director Joseph Kosinski made to sell the concept of a TRON sequel to the suits at Disney. The reaction at Comic-Con was nothing less than total extreme excitement. According to reports I read, it caught the convention-goers completely by surprise and generated quite a buzz. If it went over half as well with the Disney suits (who usually seem to hate anything TRON related), than it is indeed going to be a reality.

I'm very excited - so much so that I'm getting chills just thinking about how cool it might be. Actor Jeff Bridges will be reprising his role as Kevin Flynn. That is a definite, major plus to the sequel. He also happens to be one of my favorite actors. Unfortunately, none of the other original cast members have been confirmed as returning (at least not yet). I hope to see more of them return and reprise their roles as well.

TRON is my absolute FAVORITE film of all time. In addition to my excitement over the news of a (real this time) TRON sequel, I am worried that it might not be done right. We've all seen sequels gone wrong in the past. I loved the original film more than other, but it was a box office failure in 1982 and something that most people either don't know about, don't remember, or just make fun of. In light of that, exactly what direction will they take this sequel in? Will it barely resemble what I loved about the first? Will it just be another cookie-cutter action flick with cheesy one-liners, young people acting cool and trendy, and visual effects eye candy loaded with big explosions and outrageous action sequences? Sure, the kiddies today all love that stuff, but it doesn't do much for me. Been there, done that, blah.

What about the cool visual style of the original TRON? Although many of today's youth refer to the original TRON as "that old movie with bad graphics", it was cutting edge stuff in 1982 that audiences had never seen before. Hell, it still looks futuristic to me today. I love the simplicity of the digital world visuals. I hope they don't go overboard with fancy crap and a billion intricate parts to every little digital item. I also loved the look of the "programs" in the original film. What - actors in tights? No - that's not how I ever looked at it. Programs perceived as people in the digital world - their circuitry patterns glowing brightly with energy. I loved that look. I'd also love to see it updated, but not thrown away. What I've read made it sound like the digital world is 100% CGI this time around - no real actors at all. I have not yet seen a 100% computer generated character of human form look quite right. I've never seen digital gravity or center of motion replicated in a way that didn't stand out like a sore thumb to me. In the original TRON, I loved how the recognizers, light cycles, and tanks moved. There was a strange digital gravity that almost mimicked the motion of two magnets repelling each other at times. I loved that effect, but that's a whole different thing. Programs of human form, fully realized via CGI - I'm a little leery of that for now.

TRON employed some groundbreaking visual effects back in 1982. My eyes damn nearly popped out of my head when I first saw that film - it was that amazing at the time (granted, I was already quite a nerd and intrigued by computers). I'm hopeful that TR2N will follow in that regard, with amazing visuals that have not yet been realized on the big screen. For now I am hopeful about the new film. Reports of it being released in 3D sound great to me. I LOVE 3D. I wish EVERY form of entertainment was available in true 3D. I'm excited about TR2N. I hope they do it right. I hope it has an interesting, well thought-out story that works well. I hope the visuals retain that old TRON feeling while still reflecting the technology advancements of the two and a half decades since the original story.

I'm cautiously looking forward to TR2N. Let's hope it doesn't suck. I know some TRON fans will be happy with anything TRON-related. As for me, I need a little more than that. I want to see the miraculous happen - old school TRON fans like me AND new younger audiences BOTH be blown away by a new groundbreaking film. And this time, let's see you promote it juuuuuust a little better than in 1982, k Disney? :-)

Ahh - geeking out always feels good. I know I don't talk about theatrical movies often - mainly because today's films don't do much for me (with some exceptions). But a TRON sequel that sounds like it just might kick some digital ass? I'm a TRON loving geek. I HAD to geek out a little. I could have easily kept going, but I have to go mow the lawn now. 'Think I'll wear a helmet and attach a frisbee to my back when I do.

"Hey - who's that guy?"

"That's TODD. He mows lawns for the Users"

. . .

Update: July 27, 1:42 PM
It turns out that the TRON sequel being green-lighted (or is that green-lit?) isn't quite official just yet. I think it's safe to say that there's more than a 68.71% chance that it will be. In fact, I'm pretty certain of that. Once the suits at Disney get wind of the incredible buzz generated by the news, they'll see the great opportunity to make lots and lots of money. I just hope they do the film right. After having seen a couple bootleg copies proof-of-concept footage, all I can say is that it gave me chills and a feeling of excitement that seems just a little too high for the simple announcing of a new film. But then again, this isn't just any new film, it's TRON and I'm a geek. 'Nuff said.

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Update: July 30, 7:14 PM
I found out early this morning that Google has black-listed this particular entry on my website. I don't have a CLU as to why, either. Sorry - a little TRON-nerd humor there. Seriously, there is nothing on or in my write up about the new TRON sequel that violates anything in any way. I have not violated Google's rules. I have not violated Disney's copyrights. I've checked my code over and over. There is absolutely nothing on my little TR2N geek-out session that doesn't appear in a zillion other website accounts of the news - except for the fact that it's written in my own words and from my own feelings on the matter. Seriously - try searching anything about this article on Google, and you'll come up empty - my site will not be in the results at all. It was showing up on Google yesterday, but completely gone today. All my other content is still indexed on Google (thank God), but this has been erased from the internet... or it may as well be if Google black-lists it. I was getting a lot of Google traffic to this article until they decided to unindex it for whatever mysterious reason I cannot figure out. I've been researching it but keep coming up empty. I hope it was just a glitch and it will show up again soon. For now, I'm at a total loss. Ideas, anyone?

Update: August 1, 5:48 AM
This TRON sequel write-up is back on Google's radar screen. I don't know what caused it to get wiped out initially, but it's back now and I hope fellow TRON fans continue to find their way here. I use Google's webmaster tools to help keep my site in good, search-friendly order. It would be really nice if Google chose to let us know if/when something might cause our websites, or a portion there of, to get knocked out of their index or lowered in rank. I suspected the cause may have been two video links that were posted in a comment, but I haven't been able to verify anything. For now, it remains a mystery to me. Perhaps the MCP was just messing with me from beyond the digital grave.

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James Cronin on July 25, 2008 7:18 PM

Preparing transport to front lawn.
We have transport.

*Pushes lawnmower around lawn at right-angles making lightcycle sound effects*

I'm also geeking out at the moment. I sure hope they don't screw this sequel up! Also, I hope they advertise it more than the first one!

I'm just going to call it Tron 2. I'd sound like an idiot asking for a ticket to see 'Trutoon'! :p

*Throws frisbee at weeds*


Very nice summary of all the news that's out there, Todd! Also a very heartfelt piece from a true TRON fan.

Yep, let's hope the sequel doesn't suck. The teaser sounds promising, but I'm still reserving judgment until I acutally see the film in the theater. Been fooled by hype, too many times.

"That's TODD. He mows lawns for the Users"

LOL! Better watch out for your alter-ego Weed Killer, when you're in the system! Though maybe you can both team up, and get him to do some mowing for a change. :)

@James - You know - I think an overgrown lawn would make for a really cool play field for a real-life light cycle match! :-D Hmmm - how to arrange this and properly capture it on video...

We're all geeking out about this at the moment. I mean, how can you not? There's a collective geek-vibe resonating throughout the whole net right now. I can feel it! Uh... no, sorry. It was just my phone - it was ringing on vibrate. I think I missed a call. :-P

If they continue calling it "TR2N" when it is released, I'm going to march right up to the ticket booth and proudly ask for two tickets "Tr-TOO-nnn"... and then probably have to listen to my wife tell the surrounding people how she doesn't know me as she backs away and pretends to be with another group of people. LOL

@Rod - I understand your reservations on whether this will indeed become reality or not. The excitement has been in the air before, only to let down. This one feels a whole lot more real though. Add in the crowds cheering during the showing of the clip at Comic-Con and the entire internet a-buzz with anticipation of the sequel (or at least the nerdier bunch of us are). This is the perfect message to the suits at Disney that we're ready and willing to give up our money for a well-done sequel. If it is any good, I'll watch it in the theater repeatedly! :-D Maybe, just maybe they'll stop hating TRON and start showing it some respect. A successful film should do the trick. So long as they DON'T screw it up!

And Weed Killer helping with the lawn? Every time I ask that digital dork to lend me a hand, he gives me a dumb-dumb look and says, "Lend you a hand? How-how-how-how many times do I need to remind-mind-mind you that I DON'T have any hands?"   That guy needs a serious reboot!

wwwmwww (Carl) on July 26, 2008 2:53 PM

This talk of sequels and Weed Killer sure makes me think of Weed Wacker Woman. Oh I wonder who here will get that reference? :)


@Carl - Weed Wacker Woman? Suddenly I have this bizarre image in my head of a new home show about good lawn care. The show's theme music is a parody of 70's "Wonder Woman" theme. Weed Wacker Woman springs in to action to each episode help control the lawn of a different homeowner in need. LOL

The reference would be the triple "W", if I'm not mistaken. :-)

For a glimpse at the Work-In-prog trailer shown at the ComicCon,
Here's couple of links to the Fan captured footage of Teaser Trailer (low quality but hey)

(Disney supposedly not releasing a full trailer til next year? 8-/ )

... (removed)

and here:

... (removed)

@RAM II - I had to remove your video links. Disney quickly wiped them out. More importantly, possibly because the posted videos (?), Google has black-listed this particular page of my website. As of writing this, it is completely unsearchable on Google. Yesterday, it was on results page 4 when searching "tron sequel".

Hopefully, with the links removed, Google will stop ignoring my entire geek-out over the TRON sequel news. WTF, G?

Hey, just so you're up to date, I found your page at the very bottom of page ONE on a google search for "tron 2 trailer". So you're definitely not blacklisted.

What's most amazing to me, is that I can't ever remember getting goose bumps and feeling so excited over what is really REALLY bad quality footage. This is one of those teasers that I would buy the ticket to the movie just to see this teaser in the movie theater. The idea of waiting until 2011?!? That's torture!

Thanks for the Google update, Jason - I appreciate that. Unfortunately, I just tried the same search and sifted through 25 pages of results. My site is nowhere to be found. Maybe Google just doesn't like me... or more accurately put, my geographical location? Regardless, my visitor traffic has taken a big hit and fewer nerds (or TRON enthusiasts) are finding their way to me. Bummer.

Back on the subject of TR2N - I'm totally with you. I got more than goosebumps, I think my goosebumps got goosebumps. LOL I'm not sure how to describe it, but it was definitely a strong feeling of amazement, interest, intrigue, desire, craving, happiness, geekiness, wonder, fascination, more geekiness, relief, fear, worry, excitement... the list goes on. I think if I had been at Comic-Con and seen it in person, I would have damn near had a spiritual experience and/or been brought to tears. That's totally overboard for a reaction to a simple upcoming movie. But like I said, I'm a geek and this is TRON. Waiting until 2011 won't be easy, but I'm ok with that so long as they use that time to make TR2N to today's conceptualization and visual realization what TRON was to it in 1982. I've waited more than 25 years already. A well-done sequel to TRON will be well worth a few more years. :-)

Google's algorithms seems to use a combination of relevance to the subject, popularity in terms of hits, and in terms of the number of other other sites linking to you. The exact wording of someone's search also matters.

If you do a search for "tron sequel coming", this article shows up on the second page in the search results. But do "tron sequel" instead, and it's way down the list.

The popularity of other larger sites is killing us "little guys", when people do simple search terms like "tron sequel" or "tr2n footage", etc. Even though you and I both talk about it on our sites, too.

It's a shame, because sometimes the little guy has better quality information or experiences to relate, than the popular sites.

@Rod - Whew! Back in Google's index. This page was completely wiped out for a couple of days. I just tried "tron sequel coming" and my site showed up on the first page of results for me. Searching "tron sequel" used to put me on page 4, but now I'm on page 12. Still, at least I'm on the radar again, even if not a very large blip. I wish I knew (for sure) what knocked me off the G-screen though.

And yes - the bigger, more popular sites with a much, much larger regular visitor base will always show up ahead of us little guys. There's a logic to that and it makes sense. I guess it's our job to just do the best we can with the little we have to work with and try to attract enough like-minded visitors as we can.

In terms of keeping up with with the latest in the world of TRON, I usually find it easily on your TRON 2.0 site (check the link in his name, folks). You might not always be the first to report the news, but you're never but a micro-cycle or two behind and I enjoy your take on things. :-)

And yes - the bigger, more popular sites with a much, much larger regular visitor base will always show up ahead of us little guys. There's a logic to that and it makes sense.

Yes and no. :) It makes sense because those sites are popular for other things: so that as a whole they're getting more visits, which is why they deserve a higher ranking.

But the hits and the number of people linking to those sites, is skewing the results a bit unfairly. Because except for one or two articles about the sequel, they're very much not relevant to the topic.

They're not sites with Tron fans, which are much more meaningful to people searching up on the subject. I'd much rather read your take on the sequel news, than some guy who's just reporting it and doesn't really care, simply because it's his job.

But, them's the breaks.

I'm marveling at the news regarding this movie, freaking out, and generally geeking out like the rest - wow, just think we were all on the grid playing Tron 2.0 Dreaming of this moment, almost getting heartbroken, and now we may be there in a few years once again. Sweet!

Glad to see some of the gang has been keeping the users alive. Nice site TheReelTodd. :D

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