Where's George?

I stopped to pick up a couple of lottery tickets and received a few dollars back in change. One of them had a website stamped on it: www.wheresgeorge.com. I've seen this a couple of times over the past few years, but can't remember if I've ever taken the time to enter my dollar's whereabouts. I decided to go to the website and log "George's" location. For anyone not familiar with the U.S. dollar, a picture of George Washington is on the face of it, hence the name of the dollar's location tracking website.

In addition to logging my dollar's location on the map (done via zip code), I decided to add my initials in red ink to the lower left corner on the back side of the bill as you can see in the image above. I'm pretty sure I broke some kind of federal law prohibiting defacing or drawing on currency in doing so, but sometimes I just gotta be bad. I'm pretty sure the feds have their hands full with bigger-badder bad guys, so I'm not expecting to be hauled away in cuffs any time soon.

In order to track the dollar via the website, one must enter the dollar's serial number, which is only present on the face of the dollar. My dollar was last tracked on the site about 70 days ago (forget the exact number), from about 15 miles or so north of where I acquired it. I'll be re-inserting it back in to circulation soon. I wonder how long it will be before the next person will take the time to track the dollar bill on www.wheresgeorge.com.

I didn't think to include my website URL in the comment I left when entering the dollar's serial number and location. I wish I had. Maybe the next guy or gal would have found their way to this write up about it and say, "Wow! Look at that groovy image of a dollar. That's the very dollar I'm holding in my hand! Its picture is all over the internet and now I'm holding it. I'll never wash this hand again." But alas, I didn't think to include my URL. Oh well. I'm not writing it on the dollar. Perhaps someone reading this will end up with my dollar, identifiable by my initials in the corner and more accurately by my entry in the dollar-tracking website. You can only see my entry, along with the one 70 days before it, if you know the dollar's serial and enter it there.

Wow - who knew I'd ever spend so much of my time on a single little dollar that crossed my path? I entered it on www.wheresgeorge.com, initialed it, took a picture of it, wrote this blurb about it... and soon I'll spend it, sending it on its journey to who knows where. Who's pocket will it end up in? Will it be folded neatly in a wallet or purse, or end up crumpled up in someone's sweaty sock? What will it be spent on next? Oh the possibilities.

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David "Avi" Scott on June 26, 2008 11:44 PM

I found one of those bills a long time ago and posted it on their website. I also registered a few of my own bills to see where they might end up. It's pretty interesting, although I have yet to receive any hits on the bills that I entered into the system myself. You ought to enter your own bills with your website address on it...maybe the person would find it and come visit your site to tell you about it. Or the Feds will kick your door down for defacing a U.S. Treasury note.

@David - I hand-wrote my website URL on 3 1-dollar bills earlier today (not the Where's George one). One of them is already back in circulation. It will be interesting to see if anyone finds their way to my website, and if so, will they tell me about the dollar? I just hope it ain't the feds. If I end up in jail making license plates, watch for TheReelTodd.com license plates appearing on cars all over. LOL

Keep watching for your bills. They might turn up on the website yet. I may enter more of mine in the future.

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