Sky Lamp

While taking a walk with my wife at Charlotte Beach, I looked up at the sky and found a potentially cool photo opportunity. When I moved just a little to the east of where I originally looked up, the street lamp was positioned exactly between the sun and my view point. It made it appear as if the street lamp was illuminating the sky. I whipped out my trustee phone-cam and took a shot. It was hard to tell whether or not I captured the scene properly because it was too bright out to see what was on the phone screen clearly. Upon review of the image later on, I found a rather cool photo composition.

Unfortunately, I have no control over the iris setting on my phone cam - it appears to be quite dark in the image because its auto-iris was trying to compensate for the brightness. In reality, it was very bright outside and the trees/leaves did not appear to be silhouettes in person as they do in the photo. Even so, I thought it still made for a cool and interesting photo just the way it turned out.

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