Sitting With Overgrown Cabbage Patch Dolls

If you ever visit Leroy, New York, make it a point to visit the D&R Depot Restaurant on Route 19 (Lake Street). The food is pretty good, the service is friendly and attentive, and there are two life-sized Cabbage Patch people patiently waiting on the bench as you walk in the door.

Of course, when I found this cotton-stuffed couple sitting there ever so contently, I couldn't resist having some fun. I whipped out my phone-cam, snapped a couple shots (one of which you see here), and then recorded myself chatting with them using the video feature. I'll spare you the video of me trying to get them to talk back to me.

Unfortunately, I got kicked out of the restaurant just moments after these photos were taken because I stuck the granny doll's head between the grandpa dolls legs and placed a $20 bill in grandpa-doll's hand. Everything was just fine until a real grandmother came by, with her two young grandchildren in hand, and gave me a piece of her mind and smacked me repeatedly with her purse.

Actually, that didn't really happen. Shortly after starting to take video of me talking to them, my family arrived and spoiled my plans for a few more colorful photo-ops. Oh well. Perhaps next time.

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