Red Energy Intense NRG Concentrate Review

Energy drinks seem to be all the rage these days. Need a boost? Grab an energy drink and experience an instant rush of energy - like Popeye downing a can of spinach. From what I've read, most energy drinks seem to offer a boost, often attributed to their high sugar and caffeine content. This combination can however lead to a crash a few hours later, once the body has exhausted from the sugar and caffeine rush.

Pros: It works very well, there's no sugar in it, 0 calories. No "crash" afterworld.

Cons: It doesn't taste very good. It does contain caffeine (about a much as a cup of coffee).

Taste: Kind of like medicine with an odd sweetening agent to help it go down. Not very good-tasting, but tolerable.

Effectiveness: Very effective.* I experienced a noticeable boost of energy within about 30 minutes or so, and it lasted for several hours.

Side effects: The energy boost felt slightly unnatural, but it wasn't an unpleasant feeling. I felt a little wired. My wife said it made me talk a lot more than normal.

Use it again: Yes.

Recommend it: Yes.*

General thoughts:

Since this was the first ever energy drink I tied, I didn't have much to compare the experience with. I did I enjoy a good boost of energy from the 2 oz. bottle of Red Energy Intense NRG Concentrate drink. It effectively brought me out of the fatigued state I was feeling prior and allowed me to attack my yard-work with energy to spare.

I exercise regularly, so I decided to try another bottle the next day about an hour before my upper-body workout. I started off strong, but soon felt myself lacking strength, which is normally how I get as I progress in my upper-body routine. The feeling was rather odd since I had plenty of energy, but not so much strength. This stuff ain't Popeye's magic can of spinach. It did give me an energy boost, but I wasn't performing any better in terms of brute strength. My trek on the treadmill (about a half hour after my upper-body workout) went very well though. I think in the future, I'll consume the energy drink after exercising, or perhaps several hours before. A strenuous body-toning workout shortly after drinking this isn't good for me, but my cardio workout (treadmill) does seem to benefit from the effect.

* After writing my initial experience with this product above, I must add that subsequent consumption of it has resulted in a diminished effect. By the third time I downed this energy drink, I only felt a mild boost - similar to that a cup or two of coffee might give. Since I rarely drink coffee (or any caffeinated beverages) I am wondering if my initial reaction to Red Energy Intense NRG Concentrate was more due to the caffeine content than anything else. After a couple doses, my body may have gotten used to it and somehow dampened the impact. I'm just speculating here as I am not an expert in human physiology and metabolism.

Although I'm uncertain as to whether or not I'll ever get the high-energy boost I experienced the first couple of times with this product, I'll probably use it again. It may be more effective if not used frequently though, at least in my case.

UPDATE: July 13, 2008
I've been using Red Energy Intense NRG Concentrate for several weeks now - when I'm really fatigued and need a boost. To keep its effectiveness most potent, I've been budgeting myself to no more than 1 consumption per week. I drank some earlier today after being completely exhausted by my upper-body work out. It effectively allowed me to hit the treadmill with energy to spare and take care of numerous household chores. Several hours later I'm still feeling its benefits. If I could take it every day and feel this good, I would. It seems most beneficial (to me) when taken only as needed though. I've also discovered I need to take it before noon or else makes it difficult for me to fall asleep at night. That may be because I rarely consume products with caffeine in them so my body isn't as used to its affects. The point I wanted to make is that I've learned how to reap the most benefit from this product. I wish I had discovered it many years ago.

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Love this drink too! It actually taste great and works!

@vapors - Yep, it does work good... but taste great? It doesn't taste awful or anything, but it doesn't exactly taste "great". Not to me, anyway. :-)

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