Liquid-Plumr Review

Over a period of time, our bathroom sink was draining slower and slower until it got to the point where it would barely drain at all. I carefully removed the p-trap portion of the drain pipe. It was clogged up with a lot of slimy hair and gritty mystery goo. After removing all the clog-slime I reassembled it but it was still draining as slow as before. The drain blockage continued deeper in to the pipes behind the walls where I could not reach. Could Liquid-Plumr do the trick?

Pros: Affordable. Easy to use. Easy to find - pretty much every department store carries it. Safe for all piping - metal, plastic, etc.

Cons: Contains potentially dangerous chemicals (if used improperly). Leaves a slight chemical smell for a while after use.

Ease of use: Very easy to use. The directions are simple and easy to follow.

Effectiveness: Very effective, at least in my case.

Use it again: Yes.

Recommend it: Yes.

General thoughts:

I was a little surprised that Liquid-Plumr worked on our clog since it was deeper than just under the sink. Previously I thought that chemical clog cleaners only worked on clogs that were within a foot or two just below the drain. I'm wondering if it would have worked as well if I hadn't manually cleaned out the p-trap prior to using. If there is a next time, I'll reach for the Liquid-Plumr before pulling the pipes apart because I'm pretty convinced that it would been as effective all on its own.

The directions say to pour 1/5 of the contents in to the clog, wait for 15 minutes, then flush with warm water. When I used it, I poured about 1/3 in by accident. I also waited a little longer than the recommended 15 minutes because I lost track of time. It worked very well though, and without the need to go pulling more pipes apart or call a professional plumber.

If you've got a slow drain, or a drain that went from slow to stop, I'd give Liquid-Plumr a try. Make sure to follow the directions and keep in mind that the contents of this product can be dangerous if spilled or misused. It won't work on all clogs, but it sure did the trick for me.

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