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I cleaned up my desk at work yesterday, it was getting pretty messy. Afterward, It looked so clean; so neat; so damn spotless that I felt inspired to whip out my phone-cam and take a shot of it. Actually, it isn't really all that neat and tidy, but it is in far better shape than it was prior.

Remember when you were a kid and sometimes on a box of cereal there'd be a picture on the back with a list of things to locate in the image? I can't offer you the joy of some over-sugared breakfast cereal with yummy marshmallows that turn the milk chocolate, but here is a list of not-so-well-hidden items you'll find in the photo:

  • Simpsonized Todd
  • A sketch of crazy TRON-Todd in a straight jacket (courtesy of artist Bill "Sketch" Bynum)
  • Big blue "Bubba-Keg" - 32 oz. container of mystery liquid goodness
  • Mr. Stapler (the same one featured in a QuickVid in December 2006)
  • ASCII Todd and Wife
  • A carrot
  • President of the company's phone number (good luck trying to read it)
  • A screen shot of an Access query that I haven't used in 3 years
  • Some lint

And now you know the answer to the burning question that has haunted you like a class 5 free-roaming vapor since you first set eyes on my little website - what's Todd's day job work area looks like. Wonder no more, my friend. You'll sleep much better tonight night, I'm sure, and you're welcome. :-P

That carrot isn't really a carrot, by the way. It's just the orange plastic handles on a pair of scissors. It kind looked like a carrot in the photo, so I threw it in there.

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James Cronin on June 19, 2008 7:39 PM

It does look strangely like a carrot.

I had a potato on my desk for a month or so. It started to get really wrinkly and furry, and then it disappeared! It's hiding in my room somewhere, growing and plotting evil schemes...

Maybe you should put a carrot on your desk. Tape it to your computer monitor or something, and see how long it takes before someone asks you about it.

@James - The furry, wrinkly potato you had on your desk reminds me of what is found in our office refrigerators sometimes. People bring in food, presumably to eat, but instead just leave it there for months. Maybe they are lonely people who need a friend, so they decided to grow their own living-mold pet in the fridge along side the potential living-mold-pets the rest of us plan to eat for lunch.

I'll consider the carrot on my monitor idea. Perhaps it'll earn me a new nickname like "Rotting-Carrot-Taped-to-Monitor Guy" or something. :-)

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