5-Hour Energy Review

I had pretty good results with Red Energy Intense NRG Concentrate. Since most energy drinks contain many of the same ingredients, I should have an equally good experience with the better known 5-Hour Energy, right? Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Pros: There's no sugar in it, and only 4 calories. No "crash" afterword.

Cons: It doesn't taste very good. It contains about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. It didn't give me a feeling of increased energy.

Taste: Similar to the NRG drink - kind of like medicine with an odd sweetening agent to help it go down. Not very good-tasting, but tolerable.

Effectiveness: Not very effective, at least not for me. I experienced a feeling of being caffeinated (similar to a drinking a cup of coffee or two), but didn't get much of an energy boost.

Side effects: It made me nauseous and gave me an upset stomach.

Use it again: No.

Recommend it: No.

General thoughts:

I had such a positive experience with Red Energy Intense NRG Concentrate, that I thought this would do pretty much the same. It did not. I purchased 3 bottles and consumed 2 of them. The third will be given away or tossed as I don't want to go through 5-Hour Nausea again.

The first bottle I consumed didn't make me so nauseous - perhaps because I consumed it after a very filling meal. I did feel a little something (mainly caffeinated) after a half hour or so, but wouldn't call it an energy boost. Perhaps because I was very full before drinking it, the effectiveness of it was weakened. A day later, I gave it another try - this time about an hour after eating a moderate meal. I was very low on energy at the time. After about a half hour I felt a little something, but not what I would consider an energy boost. It made me feel caffeinated, but I was still tired, lacking energy and also pretty nauseous. I couldn't wait for the unpleasant effects to wear off.

In all fairness to this product, everyone's physiology is different. What works well for one, may not for another. I've read positive reviews of this product, and negative. I don't understand how this drink had such a different affect on me than the Red Energy Intense NRG Concentrate, but that's how my body reacted. I don't think I'll be consuming it again. That's not to say you shouldn't give it a try just because it didn't agree with me though.

I'm curious about the experience of others who have tried this product. Better yet, I'd really like to hear from anyone who's tried both 5-Hour Energy and Red Energy Intense NRG Concentrate. Which one worked better for you? Were there any noticeable differences? Bad experience with either? Got a better energy drink to suggest?

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i feel asleep only 2 hours after taking it then i woke up early in the morning and threw up twice
all it did was make my stomach hurt and made me feel like i was dieing .

i will never take it again i still feel kinda sick still .

Typhoonwes on July 13, 2008 10:19 AM

I took this for 4 days, one in the morning and one around 5pm. I was attending some seminars, 2 a day for 4 days. I always fall asleep at them. I normally drink RedBull with a small effect for an hr or 2.

After trying this, I was wide awake and felt good.

I had no side affects. It was better then drinking a large cup of coffee / latté and have to pee all the time.

I have been reading allot about This. About %20 of people that has tried this has some kind of side affect. I think they need to look into what they took other then this drink a day or two ago.

I still love my red bull, I will only drink this 5hr Energy drink when I need it, maybe 2 to 3 times a week......

Not sure if this drink has anything to do with it, but I have grey hair (salt & pepper).. I pulled one out because it was sticking up too much and seen that it was growing normal with my Dark Brown hair color. I think it might be the vitamins.

Pro: There's no sugar in it, and only 4 calories. No "crash" afterworld. Work for me. Don’t have to keep going to pee because it is a small amount of liquid

Con: $$$$$

Taste: OK...

Effectiveness: Works great.

Side effects:: None

Use it again: YES

Recommend it: YES --- Tray ¼ of it first

@Aliza - Holy cow! Talk about a bad experience. I got nauseous but never even came close to feeling like I was dying or anything. Are you sure it was all because of the energy drink alone?

@Typhoonwes - Glad to hear 5-Hour Energy worked well for you. I enjoyed your in-depth account of how you benefited from using it. And yes, not having to pee as often is a big plus. LOL

I don't think it has anything to do with your discovery of gray hair though. I've known people who started sprouting gray hair in their mid 20's, so perhaps it's just your time, or getting close to it. I'm sure there are many factors that come in to play in that respect, though.

I had better results with the lesser known Red Energy Intense NRG Concentrate. I drank some earlier today (around 11AM EDT) and still feel great as a result. I wish 5-Hour Energy agreed with me more because it's a lot easier to find in stores, but I'm a little hesitant to try it again for now.

Hey Todd!

Have you tried 6 Hour Power? That one is my favorite. It's a nice boost of energy without the crash. It comes in 3 flavors, so you've got some choices! Also, no calories, no sugar. Hooray!

Oh, one more thing! I work for Stacker 2 and we've got a survey on energy drinks right now over at http://www.surveymonkey.com/6hrpowersurvey that I'd love if you took! Let me know if you do, too. I'd really appreciate it! It's short, I promise.

Thanks so much for letting me comment on your blog! If you have any questions, please email me! :)

Amanda Burke
Brand Ambassador

SurfedM10 on March 10, 2009 6:59 PM

i drank a a 5 Hour energy after buying it from walmart and later that night felt an extremely sick feeling in my stomach, It was very hard to eat dinner that night and even breakfast and lunch the next day, I felt like I needed to throw up but I didn't. It has been 3 days since I took it and my stomach is still a bit weak, but I can eat fine now. I will definitely NOT drink this stuff again, I will stick to the occasional Red Bull, even though that makes me jittery, it's much better than the feeling I got from this. To be fair my friend took it at the some time as me and didnt experience this, but he did not experience any boost in energy either.

Sounds like you had a reaction similar to mine, SurfedM10, only longer lasting. I wasn't impressed with this energy drink either, but I know different people react to things differently.

You might consider trying Red Energy Intense NRG Concentrate. It works well for me and I use it every week (once or twice per week max). Check my review of it, linked to at the top of this article. It's a lesser known product, but does the trick for me.

Had the same reaction as surfed. I was sick to my stomach for 4 days after drinking that 5 hour energy drink. We had concert tickets and was tired. On the way there, decided to try it so I could enjoy the evening. Within minutes I was so sick to my stomach we had to turn around and go home - ruined my whole weekend.
Something not right with that stuff!

Whoa - that's quite a bad reaction, Joanne. I'm sorry to hear it ruined your weekend. Luckily, I only had a few hours of nausea when I tried it.

You might still consider trying a different energy drink next time. Each energy drink seems to affect people a little differently.

man, i had one of these last night and didnt get much sleep to say the least. So i guess it worked in that department, but when i woke up this morning it felt like i was experiencing a bad hangover. My stomach right now feels like absolute crap and im just wondering how long its going to last..? ahah anyways overall bad experience.
NRG Concentrate on the other hand i agree with completely, much better energy drink supplement

It did odd things to my stomach too, BC. Got me pretty nauseous and I really didn't care for that feeling. I also prefer the Red Energy Intense NRG Concentrate. Works pretty well for me, so long as I don't use it too often, and no nausea.

I tried 5 hour energy for the first time today and it made me extremely sick. I was very nauseous and threw up at least four times back to back. I will never try this product again.

Took it late at night for the 1st time to sustain me on a long drive.
A few hours later I was nauseous and threw up 4 times (so far) including 1 episode of throwing up blood.

No thanks.

the stuff is bad.

Joe Viggianelli on December 18, 2010 10:42 PM

I unfortunately also had a REALLY bad experience with this product and feel a duty to warn others. I have been sick to my stomach for 4 days now which is actually the least of my worries. I have been wearing a halter monitor (records your heart rate for 24hrs) for last 15 hours because I have a cardiac arrhythmia I can’t get control of. All of these symptoms started at about the 4th hour of consuming this drink. At this point my family and I have our fingers crossed that everything will go back to normal. I have drank Red Bull and Rockstar in the past and never experienced anything like this.

I have been using 5 hour energy shots for as long as they've been around. Only in the last week have I noticed any side-effects, and I wasn't even sure until today that it was due to the energy shot. I take one before I go to the gym, and until this past tuesday nothing bad has ever happened. On tuesday I had a really light workout and then an hour of yoga, and on my way home I threw up. I took one again on Thursday morning, and all day thursday I was very dizzy, had a dull headache, and felt nauseous. The feeling continued through friday. It finally went away today, but having not put 2 and 2 together I took another energy shot this afternoon. Now I'm back to the dull headache, dizziness, and nausea. I have no idea why I'm all of a sudden having reactions to this product when it has always been so great in the past. You would have thought I was a spokesperson for 5 hour energy- I preferred the stuff to coffee, and I LOVE coffee. I guess I'm going to have to start working out on my natural fuels- I refuse to drink those crappy, sugar-packed energy drinks.

This product worked great for me at first. I had enough energy to work even though I had hardly slept! But every morning after I drank a 5 hr. Energy I felt so sick to my stomach, it was like a hangover. A bad one, at that. I drank half of one before work today and work was amazing. I had the energy to do all of the cleaning of the deli, no problem. But now I feel so sick that I cannot even get out of bed. I have taken anti nausea medicine, but it wont even work! This product is terrible! I will never drink it again.

Emily Mecham on April 17, 2012 12:43 PM

I tried a half of the 5 hour energy bottle like the suggested recommended dosage. I loved what it did for me. I felt alert and normal even though I hadn't had a good night's rest the night before, and I noticed no side effects. So later in the day I took the other half, experiencing the same positive results.
I loved it so much that a few days later I went and bought a bunch more, this time downing a whole bottle of it. This time, I felt like my body wasn't accepting it and I wanted to throw up. I felt extremely nauseous. I couldn't concentrate on the task at hand (the reason I needed the energy boost) and I was sick to my stomach. Perhaps for me I just need to take it in smaller doses, especially because I don't drink a lot of energy drinks or coffee.

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