Welcome to V3.0. It's not quite ready for prime time just yet, but I think it's safe to make it live now. I'll work out the rest of the kinks and other things I'm not happy with in the weeks to come.

When I set out to redesign and update my website, I certainly didn't expect it to take this long. There were a few problems I had to contend with along the way including: lack of time, lack of good website design knowledge, lack of Movable Type 4 knowledge, and lack of someone to provide answers to my numerous questions. I can't wait for the day when search engines fully understand plain-English questions and can offer detailed and specific answers to them. I won't even get in to the time spent on just making sure the site looked the same in both Firefox and IE, but I will say that Firefox was the easier of the two. It still isn't 100% IE compatible (in terms of formatting), but I'm hoping people don't notice for now.

My website update and major overhaul is finally published. It was long overdue. There are still a zillion things I have yet to work out, from glitches and problem areas to design elements I'm just not happy with. It'll get there in time. At least my old, ugly, crappy, mis-matched website will not be such an eyesore to visitors anymore. My website update ain't the coolest, most professional looking site on the net, but it's light years beyond the digital crap that was my old site.

I probably won't start posting regularly until I get some more things worked out - both with my website and with my home studio set up. Once things are in a little better order, I plan to post things more frequently than before.

It's a work-in-progress, but what do you think? How does it look? Is it easy to navigate? What do you like about it? What don't you like? Many things yet to fix, revise, and update further. Feedback is welcome if you've got a moment to offer some. I know the site is still kind of cookie-cutter looking, but that will hopefully be less a reality over time.

Some things aren't fully operation yet, like the navigation bar just under the page header. Those grayed out links represent stuff that doesn't exist yet. I'm not too certain about the whole vlog thing either. That might disappear - I'm undecided for now. I hope to have the other grayed out links operational in the future though.

Please - take a moment to offer me some feedback on things. Tell me what you dig. Tell me what you don't dig. Tell me what you'd like to see. Tell me next week's winning lottery numbers if you're feeling psychic. :-P

Show me you care and share, share SHARE!


Hey Todd,

This looks great! I can't wait until you get your studio going again and mess with people's heads with your sick videos.

The only thing I can complain about is that the Captcha below is calling me a dirty word. Did you plan that?

@David - Yeah - it's a customized captcha script. It spells out insults & random dirty words in 7 different languages depending on region. I really want to give people a rich experience when they take the time to comment. :-P he he he

Fantastic update! Looks far more slick now. I know what a pain it must have been for you to update your site. As you know, I did the same thing a while back. But in my case it was just modifying the template to change the appearance.

In your case, you had to set up *everything*. Ouch. But the results were worth the headache. :)

Thanks, Rod! :-D Yes, it was quite a chore to update. I was able to import some content from my old blog-portion, but the rest of the content (video pages, etc.) all had to be manually converted in to a format that MT4 understands. I also had to learn the MT4 tag/template system and more about CSS than I ever cared to know. LOL It was good for me though - I was so far behind in that regard. Still have much to learn. I'll get there in time.

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