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I found a new web designer, but things kind of fell apart before they got off the ground. That was pretty much my own fault. I'm am grateful he kindly offered his services and hope that he's not too irritated with my lack of communication on the project.

I'm going it solo on the reconstruction of my website. The good news is that it should look great when I'm finished working on it. The bad news is that I'm working with technology that's just a little over my head - mainly the powerful website management platform: Movable Type 4. The beauty of MT4 is its almost boundless customization capabilities and many useful built-in features crafted by the talented folks of Six Apart. The downside of MT4 is that it is very complex and has a steep learning curve for a general web designing illiterate like me. Regardless, I've been working hard learning how to properly utilize it.

It may be a while before the new is unveiled while I learn how to work with and customize MT4. In the meantime, there may be some site dysfunctionality from time to time as I get things all worked out. Links may brake, pages might disappear (relocate), and links to my site might stop working along the way. I'm going to try and retain as much of the general page location of my old (existing) site as possible, but some restructuring will need to take place.

Please bear with me while I work on getting the new site up and running. When the newly revamped site goes live, it will probably undergo more tweaking as I continue beating it in to shape. may be a little rough around the edges for a while, but it will look and function so much better when I'm finished. In the meantime, I probably won't be updating the existing site much (or at all). I'll be back soon. I hope you'll join me when I return with a newly refined, stronger, faster, better BIONIC website! BTW - that's 70's reference, folks. Not a reference to that recent, awful shaky-cam show ;-)

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