Helping People Kick Bad Habits

Bad habits are easy to come by and hard to kick. But I care about my fellow citizens of planet earth and I'm here to help in any way I can. If I can be a positive influence in just one person's life, then my time is worth the effort. I'm ready and willing to kick those bad habits for those who cannot kick for themselves!

If you dig the animation and would like to post it in a message forum or blog, please feel free to do so using this URL:

If you're offended by the cartoony sight of me kicking nuns in their habits, then you really need to lighten up. It's just a visual pun and not intended to promote the actual kicking of nuns wearing habits or kicking people at all. If you have no sense of humor or simply don't like my sense of humor, there's a whole internet out there of other crap that's far more offensive than my silly stuff. Go bark at someone else.

If you're not offended by my "Kicking the Habit" animation, then where did I go wrong? I mean, I tried so damn hard to offend someone with it! :-P he he he

If you're just amazed to see me actually updating my website for the first time in more than three months, then I'm happy to have provided your day with some amazement. Now perhaps you'd like to amaze me by hooking me up with a kick-ass web designer who can redesign my website to look a lot more professional, be easily navigated, fully functional, mighty cool, and easy to maintain and update. That's what my website really needs, but I don't have the time or web design talent for it myself. Bummer.

Oh, and happy 2008 to you! :-)

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Jimi (NoExcuses) on January 11, 2008 8:45 AM

Haha - that's hilarious!

A new update from Todd? The world's gone mad!

Or at least Todd has. ;)

Wow, I just thought how weird the word 'Todd' is.


I'm going to have to say that over and over now until it seems normal again.




Yeah, it's sounding pretty normal again now.

It's cool to see you updating once more - and it's also great to see you kicking nuns, for some twisted reason. :p

- Jimi (NoExcuses)

LOL Thanks for your comment, Jimi.

Yeah, I've gone mad - updating my site and all... and putting something new and fun and filled with nuns on it! I wish I had the time to do more.

And yes, "Todd" is kind of a weird word. The more you say it, the weirder it gets. But a name that has the word "odd" built in to it is a good for for me. :-P

- Todd

I've been meaning to leave you a comment here for a while . . . just wanted to let you know how much of a "kick" I got out of that animation! Har har. ;)

Anyone who believes that animation is offensive, really needs emergency treatment: so they can get a sense of humor. So sick of political correctness, these days. :p

I think it's a crying shame that more people don't comment on your animations and videos. It's always nice when someone lets you know they enjoyed something you created.

I hope you keeping updating your site every once in a while! I miss those quickvids. :)

Thanks, Rod! :-D

I appreciate your kind words. I wish more people would comment on my animations and videos too. Dig my work or not, I enjoying getting feedback on it.

At least I get smiles and and a few kind words from the handful of folks who do leave an occasional comment.

No messages from offended folks yet. Or should I say, I just haven't got nun yet? LOL

- Todd

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