Fishing for a Better Website... and maybe a grant?

click to view animation in new windowIn my previous entry, I did a little fishing for a good web designer/programmer. This website has been in major need of a complete overhaul for a long time now. Well, I got a byte at the line! I was indeed contacted by a talented web designer who expressed interest in the project.

We've only started chatting about the project so it's too early to say if will soon be sporting a brand new look with fully integrated navigation and functionality. I happen know this web programmer though - he's quite skillful, enjoys a good challenge, and always on the lookout to expand his abilities. If all works out, you'll get to see his fine work when I unveil the new and improved It won't happen overnight, but hopefully, it will happen.

I intended to post this information Monday evening, along with an animated GIF of me fishing for some help on the internet, getting a byte, and reeling it in. (click the image or click here to see the actual animation) As with so many of my "simple" and "supposed to be quick" projects, this one quickly turned in to a more time consuming visual pun than anticipated. Not to beat this topic in to the ground, but the major problem was the aging, shoddy tools I work with. Nothing is quick and easy with these things. Oh well. You'll also notice that the animated GIF morphed in to an AVI video file. I meant to go simple with the background and speech bubbles, but I added just enough detail and additional bubble animation to make an animated GIF file a little too big (in file size) to work well. Rendering the whole thing as an AVI file was less than half the file size AND looked a whole lot better. Man - I have GOT to get me some better tools and learn how to do flash animations. I could have rendered this thing in flash (once competent with it) in less than 100 KB I bet!

Here's to a redesigned and more functional website and hopefully more frequent site updates and animations in the future. :-)


Nothing is ever easy with my creative work. When I tried to publish this entry, there were some serious problems. I spent the last frickin' HOUR AND A HALF of my evening trying to make this animation work in my website as an embedded AVI file. The AVI file refused to work on my machine (embedded), resulting in a plugin link showing up each time. After several attempts to make it work, I threw in the towel and tried to render another animated GIF. That didn't work out so well either - the file size was too large and the color quality wasn't very good. My wonderful editing tools kept messing with me and not rendering the frames properly. When I tried correcting for this manually in an animated GIF utility, it screwed with me too. Somehow, removing frames actually increased the damn file size. Wanna explain that one to me? I removed frames, AND removed image layers and the file size got bigger when using the same optimization settings. I just wanted to be done with this! I started swearing so loud, the wife came in to check on me. She quickly left as a stream of additional profanities came out of my mouth in a volume I'm sure the neighbors could hear quite clearly. This is complete BS. No wonder I keep walking away and not wanting to bother with anything creative at all. Every little thing I try to do turns in to a major project because of my shoddy damn tools. I don't have time for this kind of crap. I had to replace the (supposed to be) quickly made animation with a single frame image for this post just to be done with this futile attempt to make something fun and animated out of a site news posting. Click the image to see the animation - it's an AVI video file (250 KB, 0.25 MB).

Well, I got a bite when I went fishing for a web designer. Anyone out there got loads of money to spare and want to offer me a grant to pursue my creative interests and invest in the proper tools to do so? I'm not joking. If you or someone you know has the means to, and would like to help out a struggling artist, please contact me. I'd love to start exploring my creative interests the right way, and stop spinning my wheels. Want me to work for it? Let's talk:

Show me you care and share, share SHARE!


Great news! I hope to see the new and improved some day soon. :D

Yeah - I hope to see it take shape too. It really needs it! Time will tell. :-)

- Todd

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