New Videos and Site Updates - Where Are They?

I wanted to take a moment and explain why there hasn't been many updates to lately. If you're one of a hand few of people who check back here from time to time in the hope of finding a new video that's nerdy, cool, fun, strange, and laced with my trademark visual effects and oddities, than I do apologize. If you're just here looking for the Star Wars - The Musical videos I edited some time back, just click that link and you're good to go. Enjoy, and may the Force be with you.

I haven't had much time to work on creative videos lately, nor have I been much inspired to do so to be honest. The technical limitations of my equipment have always been a pain to work with (and work around) to achieve the kind of cool visual style I shoot for. That has held me back on more than one occasion from even starting in on a new video project. I don't exactly enjoy doing battle on the digital Editing Deck of Doom just to achieve the kind of results that the pros can whip up with little effort on their much more powerful (and stable) tools.

Aside from the difficulties of producing, my work suffers from a lack of interest. I have a handful of regulars who look forward to my next strange and unusual productions - and I am very grateful for each of them. Most people however, would rather just see what the latest YouTube hit is than find my humble little site. Either that, or they only come here to check out the Star Wars - The Musical videos I spoke about above. They've been quite popular lately. I wish I could say the same for my more original work. Oh well - people dig what they dig.

That's it in a nutshell. I've been quite busy, haven't had much time or interest in producing something new, and don't see much point in it for now.

In addition, my website is in need of a MAJOR overhaul. My video selection directory and subsequent video pages are ugly, a pain to maintain, and not very well arranged. Then there's this blog portion of my site. It was never very well integrated in to the site, and remains a poorly tacked-on addition there of. I really do need to wipe out the site as it is and replace it with a much better implemented and integrated web portal to my video work and news of what's going on in the mind of Todd. Either that or just be done with it, shut down and archive my videos on one of many free web services out there should anyone care to check them out.

Whatever I do, be it revamp and update or cut and run, it probably won't happen for a while. My attention has been focused elsewhere and probably will be for some time.

Totally unrelated tidbit: Did I ever mention how amazingly awesome my wife's cooking is? :-D

And now - you're reward for reading this post all the way to the end is... to watch my favorite QuickVid - "The Pitfalls of Life in a Virtual Jungle". You may have seen it before and if so, please watch it again. It's short, cool, fun, nerdy, AND I spent an entire Saturday producing it many months ago!

Use this code to embed The Pitfalls of Life in a Virtual Jungle in your website or blog.

Even though my life is often like a virtual jungle, I try not to vine about it. :-P

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