QuickVid - Dorks Racing Chairs

We had some old, worn office computer chairs that had to be taken to the dumpster. It was hot and muggy out - what better way to get the chairs up to the dumpster than to race them?! I whipped out my phone-cam and captured the event. Nothing like a few 20 and 30 somethings acting like 14-year-olds.

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It's been several months since I pumped out a "QuickVid". This wasn't intended to be a QuickVid or a video of any kind for that matter. My fellow co-workers and I had the task of clearing out some unused office space - tearing down the old cubicles, storing them, and dumping anything not worth holding on to in our limited storage space.

There were two rooms full of old office chairs. Those rooms had become known as The Chair Graveyard and had to be cleared. Some of the nicer chairs went home with whoever could fit them in their cars. The left-overs had to be thrown in the dumpster, which sits on the upper-level parking lot (up a small hill). As I said in the opening, it was hot and muggy outside. We were already hot, sweaty, and smelling ripe from tearing down the abandon cubicles and moving heavy office equipment around for the last several hours. When it came time to dispose of the left over chairs, the idea of a chair-race immediately popped in my head.

Mike hopped in one chair, with Shane providing his moving services. I hopped in a chair next to him and would be moving myself with my own legs ala Fred Flintstone's family car, only I would be doing so in a backward position to maximize my bi-pedal propulsion. Just before the race, I decided to capture the even on video with my phone-cam. A few other co-workers were cheering us on and laughing (mostly just laughing) as we raced toward the dumpster like a couple of dorks.

It was pretty bright outside and I couldn't see the content of the screen on my phone. Because of this, I wasn't able to tell if I was in frame or not as I pointed my phone-cam at myself and attempted to also get Mike in frame as much as possible. We all gathered around and reviewed the footage once back inside the office. Even the boss came over to watch (he's pretty cool about stuff like that). I did a pretty decent job of keeping myself in frame and getting Mike in frame here and there. Not bad for a blind shoot, huh? There was much laughter watching the whole event played back on my phone.

After reviewing the footage, some of the guys were asking if I was going to put the video on my website. Honestly, I wasn't even thinking about doing that until they mentioned it. It became a QuickVid with the addition of some quick editing to (hopefully) enhance the fun-factor for people who don't work at our office and know what a crazy bunch we can be at times.

We'll be doing the same thing next Friday - only instead of chairs, we'll be using staplers, and instead of racing, we'll be securing some dried up worms to the public use bulletin boards of a local supermarket. :-P He he he. For those who are not familiar with me and my tendency to make up absurd stuff as a joke, yes - that's absolutely what we'll be doing. Right after we go bowling on the starship Enterprise with Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. ;-)

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