One Year After Weed Killer Gone Wrong

It was a year ago this month that I attempted to rid my yard of the vicious, giant weeds that were taking over.

Round one went pretty well. I used a weed killer that effectively killed all weeds sprayed. Unfortunately, I ran out of the weed juice before all the weeds were blasted.

TheReelWife went out to buy more weed killer. Unbeknownst to the both of us, this was not the same type of weed killer - it was instead grass and weed killer. Along with the weeds, this stuff killed off the grass around them as well. No grass would grow in those sprayed spots for the rest of the season! :-O Did I mention this stuff was only intended for use on gravel? DOH!

From the tragedy of our crater-filled lawn was born a new digital character. I had been wanting to do a Max Headroom-like bit for a while and needed a story to tell, so I used the story of Weed Killer Gone Wrong and there you have it. The birth of 8-bit babbling geek Weed Killer.

I spread new grass seed in all the bare dirt spots from last year's accidental grassicide. I hope the chemicals have worn away enough so that the grass seed grows this year. It's been a week, there's plenty of rain but still no sign of new grass. :-(

After the first experimental Weed Killer video, I made a second titled Liposuction Theatre (which was released under the name "Entertainment That Sucks"). It featured more comedic material and an upgraded 8-bit color version of the character: from a green monochrome vector animated graphic to a tiled sprite animation with large and in-charge pixels. Most who saw both videos preferred the updated old-school color look. I've gotten a few comments from people who favored the monochrome look. Which do you prefer? Shoot me an e-mail or leave a message via the comment link below.

I wrote material for a 3rd installment of Weed Killer but never produced it. It has yet to make it past the initial, unrefined script. I got some really good feedback from those who watched the Weed Killer shorts, but the videos didn't attract as much of an audience as I had hoped. Producing these videos with my limited and aging equipment is a complicated and time consuming chore. Perhaps I'll load up my 8-bit alter-ego again one day, but for now he rests in a vintage Commodore 64 that is currently powered off. Sleep tight my hyper-clocked, pixelated, stuttering friend. :-)

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Honestly, I liked the first one better, but both had good qualities. Keep up the good work, Todd. I know I'd enjoy seeing a third installment, but definitely can appreciate that it takes a long long time.

Thanks, Nick! :-D Honestly, that first one was relatively quickly produced over a span of 9 days (was estimated would take 3 days before starting it). The second took about two months. :-O But I did a lot more behind the scenes in the 2nd one too. I'd like to see a 3rd one get done. Weed Killer is a fun character, and of course, based on one of my favs - the mighty Max Headroom! Hopefully we'll have more Weed one day... er, wait... you know what I mean, right? :-P

I keep hanging around waiting for more from Weed Killer. It's how I found your stuff to begin with. Being a child of the 80's, Max and Wang Chung bring back some memories. Keep it up!

Thank you for your kind words, Park! :-D I noticed that you also posted Weed Killer Gone Wrong on your site as well - very cool of you to share.

I love Weed (the character) - he's nerdy and fun and the probably the closest I'll ever get to the great Max Headroom himself (not that I come close).

I've got more material for Weed, though it needs some refining. Many things have kept me away from producing another video in the series (mostly lack of time), but I hope to pump out another one sometime.

I hope you'll check back from time to time. There's the RSS feed too, if that's easier for you. :-)

And long live the 80's - greatest decade EVER! :-D

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