Fun With Stop Motion Animation (Pixilation)

Years ago, I wanted to produce a stop motion animation featuring live actors in an epic race filled with humorous sight gags. Before getting too serious about it, some stop motion timing tests were needed. On Friday, August 18th, 2001, I went to work extra early before anyone else arrived and shot a few quick stop motion timing tests. When I got home later that day, assembled the frames on my computer and watched the result - it made me laugh out loud. I decided this was worthy of showing people and spent a few hours putting together some intro text and adding sound effects. This is what I ended up with:

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That is exactly how the video looked when I completed the short stop motion timing test turned mini-comedy. Since this was made before there were many online video sharing sites, I ended up e-mailing it to a few friends before going to bed that night.

Unfortunately, I never followed through with the original "epic race" idea that this video was a timing test for. I even came up with a not so epic version of the stop motion race that I thought might be a little more reasonable to produce, but never got around to doing that either. In both cases, the hassle of getting all the production elements put together were the major stalling points. Securing location and people who were willing to show up and be animated frame by frame by frame and hold each position very still while I capture each frame, reposition the camera, and set each person in to the next frame... that can be a lot to pull together when I'm working on a shoestring budget (read no budget). This is how many of my projects crap-out before they even get off the ground.

The good is that I ended up with a silly, though very short, stop motion animation that usually gives people a laugh.

As the title in the video implies, I planned on making more of these very short stop motion animations (pixilations) but never got around to that either. At the time, I kept thinking of how to pull together the larger productions in my head. Later on, I just ended up focusing on other projects. What many people don't know is that for every production of mine that gets published, there are several more that never make it to completion and don't get talked about publicly.

Lately I've been pondering the idea about making more short silly stop motion animations or pixilations. It's been almost 6 years since "Part 1". Should I finally make a Part 2? Or... maybe I should just go bowling instead. :-P

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