Bed Bug Stop Motion Animation

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Friday morning, October 16, 1998, my wife asked me to make the bed and tidy up the bedroom while she ran some errands. I figured she'd be gone for a couple hours, so why not make the bed with some style? She didn't specify how to make the bed - why not have my bug handpuppet make the bed via a little stop motion animation? So I did.

Unexpectedly, the wife came home about half way through the animation process. She saw that I wasn't done making the bed, the room hadn't been tidied up, and my video camera was in the doorway on a tripod. A little disappointed that I didn't take care of her simple request, she pretty much understood that this is the guy she married (me). He ain't exactly normal and tends to do things in his own, unique way. Sometimes he even talks about himself in the 3rd person. :-P

The wife had to go back out for a brief period, so I stepped up my efforts to finish the animation before she returned. I had to give the Bed Bug special magical powers in order to complete the animation. Yes, this magic Bed Bug has the ability to put the pillowcase on the pillow in a single frame! Ooooo! Ahhhh!

The whole animation was very quickly done and not very polished. It was just an experiment and a way to turn making the bed in to a fun activity one day. That was 9 years ago - back when I had a little more free time on my hands. I used to make short stop motion animation experiments and demos from time to time. It was a way to kill an hour or two here and there and flex the old creative muscles. I've always been a big fan of stop motion animation, but it wasn't until the late 90's when I finally had the tools with which to pull it off with any real success.

I decided to jazz up this old animation a little by adding some eerie sound effects and simulated camera motions. I felt it needed a little more cool added to it since it was just a quickly done, single shot animation.

To the left is the original animation unaltered (complete with accidental camera bump in the first few frames). What do you think? Cooler as a simple, basic, stop motion animation without sound or camera movement? Or cooler with some creepy sounds and camera motions thrown in? Shoot me an e-mail, or use the comment link below. I'd love to hear from you.

If you've got your own stop motion animation you'd like to share with me, let me know - I'd like to see what you've got. If you'd like to learn more about stop motion animation, please feel free to e-mail me any questions you have.

A couple of my published productions that utilize stop motion animation:

Show me you care and share, share SHARE!


As always, awesome video! My work schedule is backwards from most people... I work weekends overnight, and am off all week, so when I finally get out of bed on weekdays, I'm the only one home, as my girlfriend has left for work, and so I get the awesome job of making the bed! SOOOO, you have sparked an idea within my brain! :D I can take "snapshots" with my video camera, so I'm going to attempt my first stop motion video, and I'll send it to ya to get your opinion. Don't be too harsh when you see it :).

"...I'm going to attempt my first stop motion video..."

I'm glad to hear you've been inspired to play with one of my favorite forms of animation, Kevin! :-D Don't worry about how perfect looking your animation is - just experiment and have some fun with it. If you choose to make more in the future, you'll learn more and get better at it each time. I'm looking forward to checking out what you came up with.

Nice work, there Todd. Hey, a quick note on the new site. Ever thought of mailing lists? It'd be nice to be able to get me put on one of them guys and get updates when new sporadic "quickvids" or new production style videos are available for my viewing pleasure. Just a thought!

Glad you enjoyed my Bed Bug animation, Nick. :-D

In regards to a mailing list, I just added your e-mail to my "notifications" list. When I post a new entry, you should get an e-mail. I've never used this feature before, so you get the honor of being TheReelGuineapig. :-P

There's also an RSS feed link in the right column navigation links on the main page. :-) I should probably add that to all the page templates.

I really love this animation and was wondering if I could post it on my blog. You don't have a blogger link. So if you could let me know. Thanks so much! Keep it up

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