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I came across this video brought to you by the good folks over at As the title suggests, it features games for the Wii that didn't quite make it through Nintendo's board of approval. It's clever and humorous. Check... continue

Years ago, I wanted to produce a stop motion animation featuring live actors in an epic race filled with humorous sight gags. Before getting too serious about it, some stop motion timing tests were needed. On Friday, August 18th, 2001,... continue

Back in January of this year (2007), I was contacted by producers--> a Los Angeles based producer. We'll call him "Andy". I'm not using his real name because this might be considered embarrassing by him and I'm not out... continue

A short stop motion animation of a bug puppet making a bed, originally created in 1998. Nine years later, this quickly done animation was given some sounds and pseudo-camera movements to jazz it up a little. continue

It was a year ago this month that I attempted to rid my yard of the vicious, giant weeds that were taking over. Round one went pretty well. I used a weed killer that effectively killed all weeds sprayed. Unfortunately,... continue

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