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Greetings folks!  It's WAY overdue, but I'm finally starting to bring in to the 21st century.  With any luck things will be all sorted out and fully functional again soon.  In the meantime, the rest of the site is still intact and you can access your favorite pages/videos via the old main page.

It may be some time before I get things up and running the way I want them.  Please check back frequently as I get this thing beat in to submission. :-)

In the future, I'll be updating this site more often and probably even publishing interesting videos by other producers in addition to my own.  As a public service to the world, I'll be sharing my own personal insight on all things non-mainstream (read: I'll be rambling about whatever the hell comes to mind).

For those of you who just can't wait to find out about every new update, there's an RSS feed you can subscribe to get the latest updates on  I'm not quite sure how to access it yet, but maybe you can figure it out on your own until I get the necessary smarts to tell you where to look. :-P

QuickVid: Mystery of the Scratchy Throat Revealed

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To access the RSS feed in Firefox, there'll be a little RSS button in the address bar of the browser, just click that and it'll add the the site as a live bookmarks in the browser =]

I'm liking the new site design! Seems like it'll be easier to navigate around. I also like how you went to flash videos instead of quicktime. In my opinion, quicktime is not "quick". I always seemed to find myself having to shut down my browser from task manager because of quicktime locking up. But, enough of my babbling. Can't wait to see the rest of the new design!

Thanks, Kevin! :-D This site was LONG overdue for an upgrading. I've been wanting interactive features (like instant comments) for a long time. Yep - switching over from QuickTime to flash. QuickTime's been good to me, but not everyone has QuickTime and some have complained about browser issues just like you experienced. It will be some time before I get them all switched over though. So much to do... mainly learn how to fully utilize and customize the new site engine. :-)

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