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My last greeting-style QuickVid was titled "The End". It was in fact the end of greeting-style QuickVids, but probably not the end of QuickVidsall together. I already regret giving it that title. I have plenty of ideas for future QuickVids, as in quickly produced, short videos. There are so many gags, jokes, and silly visual effects I want to put in to short videos and I hope that I have the time and opportunity to do so soon. For now, I'll be rotating some of my favorite QuickVids, refitted with different (perhaps slightly bizarre) text in place of their date stamp, as seen in the the video below.

As I said in my last blog entry, future QuickVids won't be greeting videos geared specifically toward my website visitors - they'll be short comedic/strange videos that should work well on my website or anywhere.

I'm going to take a new approach to my entertainment. Since my website doesn't seem to be an optimal distribution hub for my creative videos, I'm going to stop promoting it specifically in my videos (as I did in the QuickVids). Instead, I'll make videos - the usual nerdy kind of stuff that I enjoy making, and offer them here on my website. At the same time the embed code will be available for people to embed the videos on their own website or blog or wherever they'd like. I've already done this with a few of my videos - the one's that I've Revverized.

YouTube has always made the embed code available for people to place their videos in any website, forum, etc. There are two problems with YouTube though. Most of my videos look like crap there because their video re-coding process butchers them (it wasn't exactly designed for the kind of flashy stuff I often do). The other problem is that ANY videos that people host on YouTube tend to benefit YouTube and YouTube alone. Sure, a few people have been "discovered" there and are now working in the professional entertainment business making a good living, but I think you know what I mean. Videos hosted at YouTube tend to draw traffic toYouTube and potentially generate revenue for YouTube. What about the authors of the videos? What do they get? They get free video hosting, a built-in community(comment and rating features) that has been pretty sluggish/buggy lately, and the opportunity to show their friends their video work (that may or may not look crappy after YouTube's re-coding process). I am not anti-YouTube or anything, far from it. I think it is a good service and as many of you know, I also use it. I can'tcount the number of old and forgotten videos I've been able to enjoy again because of YouTube, not to mention some really cool people I've interacted with there.

There is another free video hosting service out there. Actually, there are dozens (maybe even hundreds now). But I'm talking about Revver. Using their video hosting service is free, although I think you have to be 18 or older to sign up fot it. Their video quality is far superior to YouTube, MySpace video, Google video, and pretty much all the other services I've used or seen. They dual encode videos, offering them in both Flash and QuickTime formats, allowing the users and audiences to choose which they'd like to see it in (the default is Flash). They don't have the built-in community and comment features that YouTube offers, but that is just fine because Revver is not a YouTube clone. They host videos and encourage people to embed them all over the internet. In essence, Revver is simply the video backbone for people to host videos on their websites, blogs, etc., not a central hub designed for people to sift through and watch videos (although they can be searched and watched there). Check out the the full size flash version of the Pong-Head Todd QuickVid:

Try the full screen button right in the player - its really cool and still looks great! The video has to be playing for that button to appear.

Revver generates its revenue by placing an advertisement at the end of the video's hosted there. It is usually a 1-frame ad, sometimes an animated ad(small flash thing). It's a little like Google's Adsense, only the ads are at the end of the videos, not right on web pages. When people click the ad, Revver makes a small amount of money from the advertiser... BUT, here's the really cool part - they SHARE that revenue with the author of the video AND ALSO with the person who shared (posted) the video! Sharers need to have an account with Revver to share the revenue. If I wanted to, I could simply start embedding Revver videos all over the internet [that other peoplehave made] and potentially turn a profit from the ad revenue generated. BUT I want people to be enjoying my videos, so I'd rather make videos and encourage other people to share them. Everyone wins. First and foremost, my creative video work gets seen by a broader audience (which I would LOVE), and of course any revenue generated by it would be shared between Revver, the sharer of the video, and myself.

I've never made a dime with my creative video work so this is pretty cool to me: an opportunity to hopefully create a secondary source of income. My entertainment offerings will continue to be free for all to enjoy. The ads will be there at the end and if people find the link of interest, they can click through and discover something cool and useful to them. Of course, Revver has a very sophisticated system to prevent people from abusing this ad feature. As much as I'd appreciate the good intentions of someone clicking on the ads repeatedly in an effort to generate some revenue, it will NOT benefit me or anyone else. Please do not try anything like this. They know when clicks are bogus - it's their business. I'd suggest clicking only on the ads that are actually of interest. Keep it honest, folks. :-)

I've been a Revver member for a few weeks now but haven't generated much revenue as of yet. Less then $4.00 so far. LOL But that is because I haven't been promoting my videos very well. Self-promotion was never my strong point. That is why I am hoping that people who enjoy my Revverized videos will choose to post them in their blogs, websites, forums, etc. To do so would increase my audience base (which is very important to me as I work hard on these things and want them to be SEEN), and also potentially generate some revenue to anyone who posts my videos (so long as they are a Revver member). Everybody wins. :-)

Unfortunately Revver videos can not currently be posted on MySpace. MySpace has an issue with Revver (which I don't know the back story to) and MySpace blocks Revver videos from being embedded on anyone's MySpace page. Hopefully this will soon be remedied. If anyone would like to add any of my Revverized videos to their MySpace page, shoot me an e-mail. The videos can't beactually be embedded, but they can be linked to with a cool looking thumbnail and I can explain how todo that. They won't play right in your MySpace page, but the thumbnail will still look kick-ass cool there. :-)

With any luck, I'll be able to generate enough revenue to purchase some new video equipment before my existing tools fail completely. Have I mentioned before that I work with old, shoddy, buggy, pain-in-the-ass tools and equipment that is quickly falling apart? I work with tools that no serious film or video artist would ever consider using. Hmmm, I must have mentioned this once or twice along the way. :-P

To recap, QuickVids are not completely dead - more like on hiatus while I look in to some other video projects I've been pondering. If/when they return, they will not be greeting videos, they'll be non-specific mini-productions. As you can see, I will still offer some of my favorite QuickVids minus the date stamp in the typical places they've always been found on my site. I'll rotate those from time to time.

If you'd like to share my Revverized videos with the world and make your blog, website, forum post, etc. that much more fun by adding them, then please by all means do so! :-D Remember - you have to be a Revver member to share in the revenue AND don't expect to get rich any time soon by doing this. Unless of course you post the videos some where that has a really, really high traffic rate full of people who dig the nerdy kind of videos that I make. Then you might be generating some good revenue for yourself, not to mention helping a starving artist upgrade his video tools. :-)

Show me you care and share, share SHARE!

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