Liposuction Theater - Weed Killer Episode 2

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Weed is back with an upgraded look, a cool new intro sequence, and some rather interesting material on his mind. With all the growing forms of entertainment and the ever changing face of pop-culture, Weed Killer lets loose on a rather unique new form of entertainment that really sucks (so to say).

You'll find yourself cheering on the digital 8-bit personality, and likely to enjoy a few laughs along the way.

Got Weed?

Length: 02 minutes, 46 seconds
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Nice work, Todd. As always, I'm definitely impressed with your attention to detail. Must say, though... the topic sucked. ;)

Nice! Keep making more "Weed Killer" videos. Please poste'em on YouTube. You might get more fans there.

LOL!!! Holy crap!!! A 64???? Ah, the memories it brought back seeing that! lol! I was laughing my arse off at the suction sounds you were making. Lipo, scary subject, but funnier than hell! This was a helluva rawkin' vid. Good to see it finally released. I'm still tripping over seeing an actual up and running 64!

libo cheerleaders eh? well if this movie making thing doesn't pan out for me I know what my fall back plan will be. This vid is really the shi-- cool.

Man, nice work :)

Hey, TheReelTodd! Great job on the production yet again! I especially love the intro :) I even spotted the word "lightcycle" on the monitor in the intro sequence. Crazy stuff. I have no idea how you do this stuff, but it's quite cool :)

Wow - that was simply amazing! I am speechless... no, not really. I am in awe over the total and absolute way that I OWN ("pwn" to you gamers) the ENTIRE internet with my stunning good looks, razor sharp wit and flawless delivery. No one before me has had the digital spheres to go talking about Liposuction Theatre. But I, Weed Killer, let the truth be known to the world! It SUCKS! He he he... What? You got a problem with puns? If so, I'd tell you to kiss my digital ASS... if I had one! So you'll get my middle finger... actually, I can't do that either. How about just BITE ME MOTHER FU-FU-FU-FU-FU... JERK!
Ok, am I cool now? 

Hey, Todd, this is Mr. Sinistar from TRON-Sector! This is absolutely hilarious! Keep up the great work!! :-D

Hey Todd! Great work on this! Sorry I could'nt mail you using the youtube mail! It died on me 4 times and really drove me up the wall! Anyway I could'nt stop smilling when I was viewing this! Keep it up!

Hehehe. XD Awesomeness! I love the usage of the C64 in the clip. :]

...yo that thing with the commodor64 haha

Hey, it's NoExcuses here. After the long wait, after your video program stopped complaining, after your computer bent under the strain and your hard drive eventually gave in, it's finally here. Fantastic video! I couldn't stop laughing at your 'liposuction wand' sucking impression, and your description of what the 'more comedic' Lipologists get up to. I'm never going to be able to keep a straight face during those gorey programmes about cosmetic weight-loss surgery anymore! :p

Just the part at the beginning alone, is too cool for words. The whole boot-up sequence on the C64 is brilliant. And then the look and the humor of Mr. Weed is so different and refreshing. The 8-bit look is great! You and Sketch did a fantastic job. No more mistaking it for the Matrix, this time. :P For you to pull off such a cool video on an older home PC, is a real testament to your talent. Like I said before, you're a true guerilla filmmaker!

Bill Bynum on October 23, 2006

Great job on the video work Todd! :D Love the intro. Nice little C-64 set up. Glad I could help out by throwing some concept imagery at ya to help you get a better idea what it was you wanted to achive. The pixels turned out great and animate really well with the movement of the character. The video is excellent Todd!

Nice one Todd. Liked that one a lot myself. Reminded me a lot of Max Headroom. A nice parady on the whole thing. Keep up the good work there. :D

That was sooooooooooooooooo funny... You totally rock, Todd. Also, being a fan of the C64 really made this one special to me. Keep up the great work... :)

yeah this is good I was from the 80's too this Is impressive 7000 watts :D

O my god!!!...that ruled! Todd Hedroom...ON ACID...:) Liposuction Cheerleaders...woo hoo...are their pom pom's giant globs of fat...ewww...:) Dude...seriously that was way pro...I'm totally jealous! you even had a Commodor 64 in there...great job!

Good job, I recognized the Max Headrome way you made that. Really funny stuff.

Todd, you crazy asshole!!! :D That was spectacular! I want my GRANDkids to see this! This is something I could watch while driving a school bus without a license!!

nice work man, vast improvement over the last.

After having weighed the "for" and "against" I have decided to undergo sex change surgery so as to become a "lipo suction cheer leader". I have always had this hidden desire to be cheer leader and thanks to you Tod my dream will come true. Thank you Thank you!! As soon as I have undergone the change I'll send you a video of my new looks and I hope you will add me to your casting. See u around, Alan. alias "juliijulii"

lol! You nut. :-)

Will "Weed Killer" continue to evolve in your next videos? I mean, you showed him first in an old monochrome computer and then in a C64: will you show him change computer (and look) as he passes to an Amiga, to a 486 with a SVGA video card, to a Pentium 2 with a Voodoo 2 card, to a modern system with shaders capabilities?

Holy smokes a Commodore! Whatta blast. You continue to outdo yourself! This was amazing. For some reason the "oooooh" after "Extravaganzas" continually cracks me up (I've watched three times now). Lipostraw- lol!

The whole time I was watching this, I was trying to find words in the background. You ARE a kick ass genius and talented in what you do, and now I see the "nerd words" you were talking about (ie 'tron' and such) Nerds are cool! YEAH! :D

MutoidMan on November 1, 2006

Everything about this Weed Killer is improved over the first version. I especially like how you colored the lettering and pulled the swinging cube back a bit because now your background is much more reminiscent of the background that Max Headroom featured, while not copying it. The new look that you and Sketch came up with is also great. Great job, and I look forward to the next one!

Hahaha, A.M.A.Z.I.N.G, Todd! This video was so funny I couldn't stop laughing my ass off. Thanks yet again for a nice video.

Damn, this rocks!

That would be the shi-shi-shi-shi-(GASP)-That would be cool! LMAO

wow, that is such a funny video, my 7 year old brother enjoyed it alot along with his friends, they couldnt stop laughing especially the slirping part lol, and they enjoyed the weed killer gone wrong video, thanks for posting it, are their any more videos coming up

Wicked, love the max headroom feel.. i miss those days. And to see a c=64 still work, AWESOME! i loved those old machine, had mine going til '96. lol Again, cool show. Keep up the good work.

LOL!!!! Oh reel! YOU have the humor!!! A joy!!!! (scuze my late view! leave the country and one realllllyyyy gets behind in tubialand!)

Most excellent timing

First time visitor on your site, but long time relative. Ha Ha! This was the first time I saw the Weed Killer vids. Very Cool! How bout including more relatives in future projects. I want my 15 minutes of fame!!!

Demon Dave on February 1, 2007

All i can say ROFL! Another great one Todd.

you need to work for [adult swim]

excellent as usual Todd!!!

oie... that was very cool but the whole talk of liposuction... gah... i find that just gross >.

Very very awesome!

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