Weed Killer Gone Wrong

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Told in a style reminiscent of Max Headroom, this is the true story of weed killing gone wrong. The wife brought home some weed killer. The husband used it. Something went wrong. Now the husband and wife are at odds, each pointing the finger of blame at the other.

Who's fault is it? Who is to blame - the husband or the wife?

YOU decide! Make your voice heard - share your thoughts for the world to see. Enter your take on things using the comment function or drop me a line.

Length: 02 minutes, 18 seconds
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Did this REALLY happen?
Yes. This is the true story of what happened when we tried removing weeds from our lawn. Told in the 3rd person by my digital 8-bit alter ego, all the basic facts of what took place are presented. The photo at the end of this video is how our lawn actually looked after this mix-up in weed killer spray.

Are you trying to be Max Headroom?
Nope. The style in which this story is told is both an homage and parody of Max Headroom. I was (and still am) a big Max Headroom fan. Video blogging sounded like fun, but can appear plain and boring (to the viewer). I wondered what would happen if I took an ordinary story and added some old-school visual fun in the vein of Max Headroom, as an experiment. I chose a look and style of early 80's computers, with the green monochrome look and ASCII text in the background (instead of primary colored lines). Max Headroom existed 20 minutes into the future. I figured I'd venture 20 minutes into the past with an old school computer looking, Max Headroom-like character - my digital 8-bit alter ego. :-)

Who is Max Headroom?
What? You don't know who Max Headroom is? He's only one of the coolest characters (and sci-fi concepts) to come out of the 80's! Perhaps this will help: Max Headroom at Wikipedia.com. In the 80's, people either loved Max or hated him. I thought he and the TV show of the same name, were awesome! :-D

This looks like something out of The Matrix, are you copying The Matrix?
No. I have been told that the green, monochrome ASCII text in the background looks similar to the raw "code" seen in the film The Matrix. The Matrix is cool film, but this is backward. It is the "code" seen in The Matrix that resembles green, monochrome ASCII text. Green, monochrome ASCII text was a very common sight back in the early 80's, long before The Matrix. Of course, it was The Matrix this took that look and made it very popular. If you think this looks more like something out of the film The Matrix than an old-school, early 80's computer themed Max Headroom parody, that's fine by me. If The Matrix look makes this cooler in your book, I can dig it! :-)

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FreedomForever on June 11, 2006

Yay, finished-ness! I think both of you are to blame...

Frankly, I thought the clip was great! I felt the way you presented the story was lively and funny. It's not the most exciting story - but the way you emoted it, and the video and sound effects - made it much more interesting. As for who's to blame? Hmm . . . my first thought was to say the wife. But now I think: both! The wife for buying the wrong kind; and the husband for not being suspicious enough of the difference and maybe testing it on a small patch first, before using it everywhere. ;)

Sora on June 11, 2006

Weird, but cool. I think the wife is to blame.

Jody Craig on June 12, 2006

What an awesome video. Talk about Max Headroom to the T. I really love this idea and wished that I had the means to do so for my blog. Really great work. I love it. So, I'd have to say that the fault would be the Company who made the grass and weed killer for the word confusion... but if I only have the choice between the wife and husband, then it would have to be the wife who is at fault... lol

I'd say husbands never get very far blaming wives so it's best if he accepts the blame and moves on and buys his own weed killer the next time. ;) Now I hope you keep making the cool movies Todd. They are always very cool. Any

MutoidMan on June 12, 2006

LOL... "Who is to blame?" Dig it: If you can learn to accept all responsibility for everything that goes wrong, then not only will you make your wife happier in the long run-and face it, if she's not happy then you can bet you're not happy-but you will avoid suffering the fate of those married men who never learn this vital defense mechanism and keel over at an early age of a stress-induced heart attack. Oh yeah, I almost forgot: cool video Todd! I'd have to agree that the video has more of a Matrix look to it than a Max Headroom look. It's your alter-ego's performance that conveys the Max Headroom quality IMHO.

NoExcuses on June 12, 2006

Yay, you did finish it! Well, I think you've made a boring, everyday story very funny through use of randomness and strange, unexpected stuff. Well, that was a really cool video. Loved the retro monochrome effects and glitchiness! And I think they're both to blame - the wife buys the wrong weedkiller, the husband doesn't

Bill Bynum on June 12, 2006

My gawd, looks like the mafia made a hit on your lawn Todd! Love the video Todd! Your a wonderful nutcase Todd, PLEASE for the love of Tron don't change that about yourself! You did a great job recreating the Max Headroom

"Revelation."... Nice work, Todd. :)

Dude I love this! Well done.

Oh, and totally the husband's fault, LOL

This was really good, video blogging often seems egotistical to me, but putting a spin on it like this makes it worth watching, do more!

Excellent stuff as always, a fairly everyday story, told in a humurous way, with clever effects inspired by Max Headroom (go Max Headroom!), turned into another great Todd masterpiece. :p I'd blame the wife - it's the responsibility of the person who buys the

Dude! I can't wait for your next video! The improvements you make with each passing film are incredible. Keep it up!

Once again....I'm blown away.

Taking V-Blogs to a new level, Bravo!

Revelation! Definitely a great adaptation of Max Headroom. Some very nice work, and I'm looking forward to your next video soon. :)

both of 'em

Lame so lame, poor max tribute.

This is awesome. How do you do this?? I myself think this is an awesome Max tribute. Looking forward to the next one!

It was both there fault you kick arse person you. That rocked.

Hey, I did'nt get a notice for this, ah well least I'm seeing it now! Just faved and rated! I love the effects! SWISS SWISS SWISS CHEESE! hahahaha You sounded like Jim Carry when you said GOOD BYE! =D

They're both idiots and shouldn't be spraying poison anywhere. Get out there and dig out the stuff you don't want and leave the poisoning of America to the Republicans....they do a better job.

The wife's fault, should have read the bottle before she left the store.

Both the wife and husband are to blame. You should pay attention to stuff.

Brilliant...as soon as I saw this I thought of Max but this was better...you deserve to have a million subscribers at least...

I love the old-school monochrome aspect of this video, but found the story to be droning on and on and not really entertaining. The lipo video story was better, but wasn't too fond of the "upgraded image" (color, etc). You have something here though!

wow thts ace, i tired something similar but didnt get as good as this, how did u do the background and what software did you used? its a great vid, very funny too! please ahre all, Hazer.D

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