On the Cutting Room Floor of Oblivion

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I hope you enjoy this animated short music video to the 1986 pop-hit Everybody Have Fun Tonight by the popular 80's band Wang Chung.

This humorous, strange, and fun video features bizarre imagery and different styles of animation, including: traditional animation, stop motion animation, clay animation, ASCII animation, and computer animation. Have some fun tonight with this homage to an awesome song from an awesome decade.

Length: 2 minutes, 31 seconds
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Why "Cutting Room Floor"?
Why didn't I name the video after the song? In a nutshell, because the video is NOT the song, but more of a animated, visual joy-ride put to the song in a music video kind of presentation. The name of the video is derived from a combination of the lyric "on the edge of oblivion" and from fact that I kept scrapping the project and leaving it on the digital cutting room floor many times before finishing it. In all honesty, I am very surprised I ever finished it at all, given the tools I had to work with and the pain-in-the-ass nature of the project's visual presentation. As difficult as it was to complete this project, I think in the end it was worth it. I'm glad I didn't leave this project on the cutting room floor of oblivion. I don't think I'll be doing anything like this again any time soon though. At least not without the proper tools next time. ;-)

Random Notes About The Production
On the Cutting Room Floor of Oblivion
was designed to look like it might have been made in the 80's, but not in a way that screams of 80's style or fashion. I went for more of an 80's retro-cyber look. Back in the 80's heyday of MTV, there used to be music video productions that were considered to be "breakthrough videos". These videos were generally very artistic,stylish, animated, or featured something unique and out of the norm of general music video presentations (or some or all of the above). I wanted  On the Cutting Room Floor of Oblivion to look like what a classic 80's Breakthrough Video might have looked like. Instead of obvious 80's look or style, I chose to incorporate various visual elements and inspiration I derived from the 80's and my memories there of.

The color schemes in the video tend to center around bold reds, greens, and blues - the primary colors. This was inspired by the groundbreaking 1982film, TRON. Along with these bright color schemes in the amazing digital world portrayed in the film, were cool cyber elements, new and amazing 3D computer animation,glowing energy effects, and wire-mesh / grid themes. In parts of my video you can see TRON inspiration in the form of glowing objects, grid-themes, some very basic 3Dcomputer animation, and an obvious nod to TRON - a vintage Tomy TRON light cycle hand-held game sequence.

Many computers in the early 80's still used a green monochromatic monitor display with limited graphic abilities. The cyber dancer sequence in On the Cutting Room Floor of Oblivion was intended to look as if it were displayed on an 80's monochromatic monitor display. I used a mixture of ASCII character animation and a cyberized dancer in a simulated green monochrome computer display kind of look. The cyber dancer (full image) was intended to look as if she was generated by using some slick (for the 80's) vector graphics and animation. Nothing like a green, monochrome, sexy cyber-babe!

I used some elements/objects that came straight out of the 80's in this production. The most obvious is the 1986 song by Wang Chung, Everybody Have Fun Tonight. Other 80's elements include: an image of the dual Wang Chung, footage of my Tomy TRON hand-held game in action, a toy robotic arm many nerds like me had- "Armatron", and some cool sound samples from a vintage electronic toy ROM Space Knight action figure. Well, ROM is actually from the late 70's but close enough. :-P One of the 80's elements in the video is subtle and very tricky to identify. See if you can pick out the distinct, though cleverly disguised, nod to another80's classic!

Wang Chung's 1986 music video of Everybody Have Fun Tonight employed a very cool video effect that made things appear to be all jittery. I used this same jitter-effect on the lip-sync portion (head close-up) of On the Cutting Room Floor of Oblivion. A discussion with some co-workers about the jittery effect in Wang Chung's video, was in fact the origin of my production. I wanted to replicate the jittery effect and show a few people how it looked. That simple effect recreation ended up EXPLODING in to what later became On the Cutting Room Floor of Oblivion as seen here. The jitter effect is also the only real similarity(other than the song itself) between Wang Chung's video and this one.

I've always been a fan of stop motion / clay animation. Stop motion animation in On the Cutting Room Floor of Oblivionincludes a clay alien-like head, wooden-figure, flying saucer, and Todd Washburn. Yes, I animated myself stop-motion style-e in the intro dance sequence. I bet all the kiddies will be trying to master my crazy dance moves to gain coolness and respect among their friends! :-P

There are some unusual objects that ended up in this video, aside from the obvious items. Did you know that there is an ironing board in there? It's true! If your a Star Wars fan, see if you can spot the Death Star in the video. That cool digital character "BIT" from the film TRON is in there as well, but don't blink or you will surely miss it!

To date, this is my most intricate production, in terms of visual complexity. It also has the highest number of errors, glitches, and goofs in it. There are literally dozens of errors I see every time I play it, from sloppy lip-syncing to timing glitches and animation goofs. To my delight, none of these errors were noticed by the handful of people I screened this video for privately, before publishing it on TheReelTodd.com. Though I nit-picked with quality issues here and there, I let a lot of things slide. If YOU happen to notice an error, glitch, or goof in On the Cutting Room Floor of Oblivion, congratulations! But please don't bother me with it -I know EVERY error in there and I'm not going back to fix any of them. Sure, the mistakes bother me a little, but not nearly enough to go back and do more battle on the digital editing deck of doom.

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Bill Bynum on July 30, 2005

Awsome job on the video! Really enjoyed all the visual elements you cramed into the vid. Love the Armatron! Great use of the Tomy Tron! Oh, those finger hands are delightfully wicked in their funny twistedness! The singing clay heads where great, along with the ascii dancer! Great job. I can tell a lot of sweat and blood went into the project. The end result was sweet!

BRAVO!!!! BRAVO!!!! That was great. I really enjoyed it. Wang Chung and TRON, two of my favorite things. You are truly an artist.

WOW!!! That was fun. I wish I knew how to do a tenth of that stuff.

I gotta say . . . WOW! That's amazing. It looks very professional, and I'm amazed at what you did on a home computer.

absolutely rockin, miles above what I would even attempt to do for the detail and the level of complexity and of course, i am going to be singing that song all day today

Jadem Coxon on July 31, 2005

The video was absolutely great. My expressions were smiles, and laughs. That was very unique, I had fun.

Mannn, you really outdid yourself with this one!! It rules!!!!! There is such a mixture of energy, fun, wit and weirdness in that video that I couldn't help but uncontrollably laugh in utter amazement and joy! Fantastic work,

Hey, that was really cool, and totally bizarre in a Peter Gabriel sort of way. Of course, I can't forget the Wang Chung video as it was on MTV nearly 24 hours a day at one point,

FreedomForever on August 1, 2005

Wow. Insane. Cool. Funny. It took forever to load (not your fault Todd) but it was worth it. Great work Todd!

MutoidMan on August 2, 2005

Frikin' cool man, really frikin' cool. What else is there to say?

Kevin Pauley on August 2, 2005

Todd, I TRULY hope I get to meet you one day! You show an amazing amount of creativity and pop culture savvy with your video! It had everything! Star Wars references, Tron, hot cyber babes dancing in go-go boots and tight skirt, floating and singing heads and the shaky cam movements of the original Wang Chung video! Flippin' sweet,

Jody Craig on August 7, 2005

What an awesome vid. Great music too. Wang Chung is perfect for the ST. You Prove to be AWESOME time and time again. Keep rock’n. I can’t get enough of this vid.. You really got me hook. :)

A damn fine tribute to the '80s! - mh

GOOD GRIEF! It's AWESOME! I watched it like 3 times to take it all in.

foilism on August 25, 2005

I totally love it, the hand things that look like gridbugs are way cool!! especially when you kick them in the ass!! Its so funny, ya'll gotta see it you haven't yet!

Jeff Block on August 29, 2005

Very nice indeed.

dctron on September 28, 2005

Great Video. I really enjoyed it.

Sandy Williams on December 30, 2005

:) never seen you like that


Sora on May 22, 2006

Great stuff!

I enjoyed watching your video. I appreciate that a lot of work went into putting that together. Off to look at more.

Where I come from the phrase "you are not well" is a good thing. You are not well.

Hilarious.....started to make my eyes go a bit odd...but addictive nonetheless! Bravo!

YES! More content like this! You've even got the "Locked camera effect" used in the Wang Chung video. I knew you'd come up with something cool! Hey, ever thought of creating something

Wow excellent video! I remember that Wang Chung video scared me a lot when I was a kid.

UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Talk about being blown away- I'm nearly textless here! *stammer stammer*. Do you do this professionally? This was even better than "Big Time" (remember Peter Gabriel?), and he obviously had a huge lot of high priced gadgets and a team to put his together. And yes I remember Tron...Qbert....heck I remember Atari's PONG. Anyway those finger-hands were so original- I loved every second of this!

Oh! That was truly amazing! I love the editing, and it was very funny to watch. Nice job there, man! :D

WOW !That was an awesome video. I remember dancing to Wang Chung in the clubs in the 80's. Thanks

This has to be the coolest Video I've seen on [YouTube]! So original and proffesionaly done! What Video software did You use???

My Dad told Me about your Video and He's right, Coooolll!!!

Five star rating! I didn't watch it on YouTube though - as I already have the high quality version on my computer. This video is great every time I watch it! Absolutely amazing! Excellent! Etcetera! And I was just reading through the comments - I only have you to blame, Todd, for the song that's now in my head! # I wanna be... your sledgehammer...

Wow, this is totally wild. Great Work!!! :)

Graham Quigley on August 15, 2006

Todd, That was fantastic, well done. Wang Chung is hey, groovy! You've reinthused me, haven't made a flick in years, gone a bit stale. Thankyou.

lol, that was some wicked sh*t! kinda adictive

hehehe! Everytime I get bored I'll come here and watch your video! Gotta love Wang Chung!

This is great!! ur stuff are so f**king cool! Why dont you get more hits!!!? youtube is a sad place for ppl who put real effort in to their work ;_;

I must have viewed this video over a 1000 times. Why was it not featured [on YouTube]? The video is awesome and very creative. Why is it that some videos which had little to no effort put into them get featured and someone who put forth a lot of time and effort to provide great videos such as this does not? Makes no sense. I do hope that you plan to make more videos. I find them highly amusing.

hi and good for U!!! phew, lotsa work! glad to find u!

That KICKED ASS! I hate the 80's SO MUCH and that was funny. You should've thrown a TV out the window or something.

Great work - probably took as much time as the original! Thanks for using our track and for getting the psycho-intensity just right.

dude!!! I had never seen the "cutting room floor" vid...that is AMAZING!! you got mad graphic skillz fo sho...lasers, animation...the Finger-hand was my favorite...that was awesome...you rule the earth...

simply amazing...i agree with above...i cannot understand why your videos are not featured...a lot of the ones that are...are rubbish...todd you are brilliant at what you do!! i think they focus too much on these "stars" of yt...which they dont have to because they are always easy to find on the front pages etc...arrghhhh this needs to be featured so bad...and im sure it will at some point!

This was great fun to watch and brought me right back into the 80s (such a sublime, underappreciated decade). It's a crime that lip-synching kids get featured and this doesn't. *sigh* Well, in the words of PG "don't give up".

oh man! i really LOVE your vids .... YOU are my NUMBER ONE FAN!!! .... :P

Woooow. That was Both Amazing and Entertaining. Good work.

Two things sprung to mind when I started watching this. The video Peter Gabriels "Sledgehammer" and the opening credits to "Home improvement" both of which are awesome. Original, Funny, Brilliant and genius are just a few of the words I could use to describe this video. 5/5

Great video. Loved the Armatron Cameo!

I just had to give you thumbs up on this video again. I always watch it from time to time. It's as funny and entertaining as the first time I saw it!!

Dang! That was really good! You must have more time on your hands than I do....

Those walking hands should have thier own video :P

Thats f*cking amazing =]

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