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I'm sure everyone has played a prank on a co-worker or perhaps been the victim of one. Here are a few moments in one poor worker's day as he falls victim to an ingenious little prank pulled by his supervisor. QuickTime 6 or higher is required to play this.

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Based On Actual Events
The idea for this comedy short is based on a real prank I pulled myself at the office I work in. I am a supervisor at work and ordered poor Pete (nerdy worker 1 in the video) to turn around while I set him up by shooting Dave (metal-head worker 2 in the video) in the back of the head with a rubber band and then making a quick exit. From the line "turn around" to the actual rubber band shoot, it's close to what really took place. The rest was made up. Pete didn't really get in too much trouble with Dave. I'm known for pulling pranks at work and all Pete had to do was say my name and Dave figured out what really took place very quickly - which was a good thing for Pete ;-)

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In a word - STELLAR!

Yeah, we've all been there. I did some pranks at walmart, of course people did them to me in the 1st place. This was very well editied and I really liked how the boss acted. It was natural feeling. -ERiC

My buddies and I do the same thing, but we flick pennies instead. :D - W.E.Beaston

Careful with that band Eugene.

lol thats far most one of the best pranks ive seen yet.

Great video!!! Has me howling with laughter everytime I see the guy with that looked of total dread on his face and then he smiles before his face is grabbed. This was funny as hell! Another vid that should have been featured [on YouTube].

Too much Over acting

that was so lame

This is a nice clip of a prank

Very funny, poor Nerd. You need to make one where He gets back at His Boss. This could be a series, LOL!

HAHA nice trick!

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