Star Wars - The Musical - Let's Blow This Thing!

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What if that epic battle against the Death Star had been staged as... a musical? Take a look at a twisted Star Wars universe, where the lines have been replaced by lyrics.

Length: 04 minutes, 22 seconds
File size: 23 MB

For lyrics or to download Star Wars - The Musical in MP3 format, please visit the official Star Wars - The Musical website. The Force is strong with them.

QuickTime 6 or higher is required to view this video.

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4video on January 2, 2003


Anonymous on January 13, 2003

very creative

Anonymous on February 11, 2003

a little odd, and somewhat funny, but just goes on and on and on...

Joseph Adams on February 2, 2005

very well done

Nicholas Dorando on July 14, 2005

Excellent Job, your work is awesome

Andy Shapiro on June 13, 2006

Kudos for managing to carry off such a cool idea (SWars the Musical overlaid as the sound track for SWars the movie) at all. My kids thought your vids were the best ever! (And I agree).

translations network on August 30, 2006

This is AWESOME!!!!

Minski on August 22, 2007

That was pretty much the most awesome thing I’ve seen today. Thanks.

PrincessIncognita on August 22, 2007

Yup, this is better than most of the stuff being produced in NYC at

blakfingernail on August 22, 2007

theres a subliminal message just past the half way mark,after it shows leia looking at the map,it cuts to a 1st person view entering the trench, there is somthing written through the second red laser shot but i cant make it out. top notch stuff,very well done!

Clive on August 22, 2007

Great stuff. Got that page bookmarked for when they decide to come

That was the best thing I’ve seen since the Transformers LOTR mashup

TitoBob on August 22, 2007

Hilarious! I sensed a bit of Monty Python in there, even though they

BethJoyD Says on August 23, 2007

Very funny.

lol good job but i was waiting for the question why have you turned off your target system

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