Visual FX Demo 2000

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Some of my early digital visual FX experiments: my first attempt with light saber FX, blaster/laser fire, an alive bodiless hand, "Evil Consumption" (AKA - Zoomie Mouth), electrical teleportation, and human amoebic-like reproduction. The quality of the video and FX is not great, but considering what I had to work with at the time, it's amazing I was able to achieve this much.

Length: 43 seconds
File size: 1.9 MB


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Creating Visual FX with Limited Equipment
I used an old 150MHz computer with a mere 1.5GB of total HD space. The video was captured with a low-end analogue parallel-port device that could only capture at 160x120, 10fps. I used some freeware AVI construction tools and PhotoShop 4.0 to apply the FX. I later used Premiere 4.1 to string together portions of the FX clips in the video - it was the first time I worked with Premiere. The sound FX were all downloaded from various web sites. The song is "Dragula" by Rob Zombie. I made most of the clips as separate FX experiments in '99 and got the idea to make a short demo reel in early 2K. It's basic, rough round the edges and nothing spectacular, but I figured some folks might dig it so I put it up on The amazing thing is that I was able to do this at all on that very limited PC.

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WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa talk about inspiring me to finally break open After Effects and learn it...that was excell

I liked that!

4video on January 4, 2002

Way Cool! 2 Thumbs way up! 5 Stars without question ~ anyone who votes less is jealous.... Good Music choice - Check it out! Burn baby burn....

Awesome Todd! great exhibition of FX talent resource usage- Yes.. 4video, I am jealous- but that's not why I gave 4 stars- his other work rates the higher point because it's in a different class. ;-) but yeah, I am jealous.

Anonymous on June 9, 2002


Dang! I really need to get into After Effects! Way cool! If I need effects on a project, I know who to call! Awesome job!

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