Car-Diving - You Try, You Die!

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Ever tried skydiving? Like it? This is "car-diving", though I do NOT recommend trying this at all. This is just a very short, quick clip showing what car-diving is: a very dangerous and illegal extreme sport. I had originally intended on producing an entire documentary about this dangerous activity, but I haven't had the time or resources to pull it off. Perhaps I'll get back to it in the future.

Length 40 seconds
File size: N/A

The Art of Car-Diving
The concept of inventing a new and absurd extreme sport and making a documentary (mockumentary) about it is nothing new, but when done right, can be very entertaining. Car-diving was something I started plotting back in early 2001. I had bizarre sight gags and situations that would have (or should have) people guessing if the documentary was for real or a gag. The activity of car-diving itself would be very, very dangerous and most likely deadly, but depicting it as a popular, underground extreme sport and showing the pride and skill of various car-divers might make for a hilarious documentary. The ideas I had charted out for this project interested another guy I worked on video projects with and we started planning the documentary. There were several reasons the project was canceled, one of which was a visit my video partner had received from the local police. The cops didn't like the idea too much, for obvious reasons. It's a farce and the actual car-diving takes place via some visual FX magic. As fake as it is, my wife cringed when I showed her my test shot. I may rework the documentary a bit and end up producing a scaled down version of my original concept.

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Anonymous on January 6, 2002

Only on Singlereel......Crazy.

Roc Barbanica on January 16, 2002

Geez, Todd- Yer F**king nuts! I'd rather start shooting heroin again!

Whoa! Loved it! You're a supreme Fn'X-ter.. It's so real it worries me; There are so many idiots in the world, and they usually blame someone else for their stupidity. Great job!

Bryan on August 11, 2002

I Like it, funny.

ely nakano on October 12, 2002

get the f**k outta here!!!

Anonymous on January 3, 2003

for good minds only but really good adrenaline rush

Mikael Bundsen on February 16, 2003


Wow! Effect looks good and I'd like to see the mockumentary! But you're right - I'm sure some FOOL would try it in real life!

Joe Greenwood on March 23, 2003

Very cool ,your gonna want to watch this a couple of times.

maya on April 20, 2003

Great work!!!

manuelmestre on August 22, 2003

Crazzzyyy, but a good clip...I know that you use QT, well compressed!!!

MCFREE on September 7, 2003

Wow teach me Jedi

Haha ya can't really tell unless ya pause it..

Toooo cool! I tried this last Week. They finnaly brought Me a Laptop here in ICU and I just had to post a message on here, wish I had the Video but the Car smashed the Camera, Damn!

O my f**king GOD!!!! ur REELY Insane lol XD

wat did yur parents say?

WOW...dude this is the best idea EVER. i wish you the best of luck...i just hope you are the only one that dies.

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