Fun With Stop Motion Animation

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21 seconds of senseless stop motion animation, featuring "Floor Surfing" and "No Wheels, No Brakes".

Length: 21 seconds
File size: N/A

This short video was intended to be a quick and simple timing test for another project I was planning at the time. When I looked at the test footage, I laughed out loud and felt it deserved to be published and shared. I added some quick sound effects and set up titles and there you go. Because this stop motion animation (pixilation) was a lot of fun to make, I intended to make more of them - like a video series. That is why it says "Part 1" in the title sequence.

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Randall Newcomb on September 7, 2001

I laughed, I cried. It became a part of me.

Roc Barbanica on September 9, 2001

Very nice! How is it done?

Kayleigh on November 19, 2001

hi todd that is so cool i like it so much your funny

This was phat, details like the lighting and shadows were excellent...this guy is dangerous..would be cool to see him use a blue screen and have a stop motion guy in an animated world...sent the link to mass ppl

Mikael Bundsen on June 16, 2002

Nice Work....must have been taking some time to do.. I really did like the no wheels no brakes part.

Larry Jacobsen on August 2, 2002

You inspire me to try this...

I enjoyed your short pixilation. Did you do a Part 2? Would like to see more of your pixilation.

Matt Urness on April 20, 2006

That was so cool! I love stop-motion animation, and I've seen some amazing animation in the past. This is definitely in the top 2....being number 1 I'm pretty sure.

hahah....again...very cool!

I like doing stuff like that, its fun

Hahahah, that's so funny.

Haha! Say, how'd you do that anyways?

Dug this one as well. The stop motion is cool! I got a kick out of the crash at the ending! Rawk on!

Hiya Todd! Just looking at your older videos :) That kinda makes me wanna do it myself!

@Gistino: Thanks! :-D You really should try your hand at it. Stop motion is a lot of fun and not too difficult to do. Have fun with it and just make something! Then post it here for everyone to enjoy. :-)

Haha I did once with my cousins but we don't have a tripod for the camera, we'll have to get one!

Thank you, Featherflow! So glad you enjoyed it. :-D You should try your hand at stop motion some time. :-)

LOL i love stop motion films

@Hiramthedude: Yeah - me too. I've always been a big stop motion fan. Too bad it is not utilized as often these days. :-(

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