Ear Cleaning - A Mind Blowing Experience

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Is it possible to clean one's ears without the cotton swab? Would it be dangerous? This short clip was shot in April 2001. It was just a silly video I made to crack up the people involved in it. In January 2002, I rediscovered this forgotten clip. I smoothed out the choppy motion a bit, added titles and an interesting intro FX sequence. It's worth a chuckle.

Length: 36 seconds
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About This Video
The live action portion of this video was shot in April 2001. I gathered with some people to shoot some simple FX test shots. There was a lot of goofing around and we taped some of it. The Ear Cleaning bit was a short clip to which I added a blaster bolt and brain matter shooting out. It was just a silly video clip that was passed around via e-mail to the people who were there that day and then forgotten about. In January 2002, I thought about adding some concept set-up text & titles to the clip and then putting it up on SingleReel.com as a comedy bit. It took some searching, but I did find the clip and even it's original source FX filmstrip. I minimized the "brain matter" spurting out following the blaster bolt - it never looked right to me. The computer this was captured on originally had its HD improperly set so it ended up being captured at a reduced and inconsistent frame rate. I tried to smooth out the inconsistent frame rate a bit. Titles and credits were added and I was about to call the clip a done deal... then I got the idea of adding an interesting FX intro sequence. Another yet to be produced project that I had started developing deals with entering in to a cyberspace simulation. Based on visual FX ideas I had for that concept, I wanted to "draw in" the background before the action started. I spent several more hours doing the intro FX than I did working on the original ear cleaning blaster joke. I guess it's an FX test and comedy clip rolled in to one. When I finished it, I ended up liking the opening FX more than the video clip as a whole. I really should get back to that cyber space sim idea I was developing some time ago...

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alex west on April 9, 2002

Very funny.

Anonymous on April 10, 2002


Anonymous on April 10, 2002

Nice effect. Bad life...

Dave on May 2, 2002

hehe, funny

User_Program on September 13, 2004

Ear cleaning is great lol

Very good man, very good..

Nice! How do you make everything come in to the screen? Thats a very awesome video! I love all of your movies!

Your videos are great lol

LMAO nice idea lol

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